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March/April 2012

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Hands Off!


A Battle of Church and State

Thomas Becket, the son of a wealthy Norman merchant living in London, was born in 1118. After being educated in England, France and Italy, he joined the...

Crowd Control

Then Chuck and Stephanie Fromm began having people over for Bible studies, the last thing on their minds was the possibility of being cited and fined by...

A Changing World

The IRLA's seventh world congress in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, promises to be an "exciting and historic" event.

Advance and Defend

The Christian in politics should be judged by the standard of whether through his decisions and actions he has advanced the cause of justice. The Christian...

Merely Tolerable

Thomas Jefferson, in an unsent letter from Monticello, dated September 27, 1809, to a James Fishback that addressed his own views on the proper roles of...

Hands Off!

Under new health-care insurance requirements, church-run hospitals might be required to provide employees with insurance coverage for contraception! Roman Catholic hospitals were objecting that this denied their rights of religious freedom.

When Faith and Tradition Are Threatened

Muslims and Jews in Holland and in California united in 2011 in opposing political attacks on their joint religious traditions of circumcision, and their...

Grace Notes

Book Review

Christians and Civil Disobedience

Houston Baptist University scholar/educator Louis Markos, writing in From Achilles to Christ (InterVarsity Press), gives the example of Sophocles’...

Full Court Win in Tabor

On January 11, 2012, the Supreme Court delivered a historic reaffirmation of the First Amendment guarantee of “free exercise” of religion and...

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Published in the March/April 2012 Magazine
by Eugene J. McCarthy

The Christian in politics should be judged by the standard of whether through his decisions and actions he has advanced the cause of justice. The Christian in politics should be distinguished by his alertness to protect and defend the rights of individuals, or religious institutions and other institutions, from violation by the state or by other institutions or persons. He has a very special obligation to keep the things of God separate from those of Caesar. The Christian in politics should shun the devices of the demagogue at all times, but especially in a time when anxiety is great, when tension is high, when uncertainty prevails, and emotion tends to be in the ascendancy.

“The Christian in Politics,” Commonweal, Oct.1, 1954. Eugene J. McCarthy served in the United States Congress as a representative and senator from Minnesota from 1949 to 1971. He was a candidate for president in 1968 and 1976.

Author: Eugene J. McCarthy

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