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July/August 2010

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Aliens for Their Faith

There is much religious intolerance in this new, twenty-first century. This is the tale of religious intolerance in an obscure country in East Africa called Eritrea.

Watch His Conscience

The date was June 5, 1917, the first day of the draft. Sousa’s Band struck up “Stars and Stripes Forever” and the 6,000 in attendance at...

Faith in World’s Newest State

  This country belongs to all of us,” affirmed President José Ramos-Horta of East Timor, adding with a smile, “Heaven, of course,...

The European Holy Wars

Part Three in a Series

“Give Us This Prayer”

It wasn’t supposed to work like this.An atheist organization filed a lawsuit earlier in the year challenging the National Day of Prayer as a...

No Safe Forum

The way President Barack Obama sees things, Americans should be able to find unity in prayer—even if they disagree on the details of faith and...

Eighth Annual Religious Liberty Dinner

Without freedom of religious expression, no discussion of life’s fundamental questions—“What is the meaning of life?” and...

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Published in the July/August 2010 Magazine
by Edward M. Kennedy

I hope for an America where the power of faith will always burn brightly, but where no modern Inquisition of any kind will ever light the fires of fear, coercion, or angry division.


—The late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, quoted in Great Quotations on Religious Freedom, compiled and edited by Albert J. Menendez and Edd Doerr (Prometheus Books, 2002).

Author: Edward M. Kennedy

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