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More Myths and Truth

October 20 2016

"My religion, and how I worship, is safe as long as I don't break any civil laws, right?" Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, shares insights into the many myths prevalent int the world of religious liberty while shining a bright light on the truth.

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Myths and Truth

October 13 2016

No where are myths more prevalent than in the world of religious liberty. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, separates fact from fiction.

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Know Your Vote

October 06 2016

Liberty magazine isn't in the business of endorsing one presidential candidate over another. But it is in the business of making sure people understand the religious liberty issues we're facing and who might offer some sound leadership in those areas. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, provides insights.

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Liberty in the City

September 29 2016

We often tend to think of religious liberty issues as they relate to america's heartland. But, according to Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, religious liberty challenges live and thrive in our noisy, traffic-clogged cities as well.

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The NRLA Effect

September 22 2016

They say that every journey begins with a single step. One particular religious liberty journey for many in the beautiful state of Oregon has begun, and our guest today helped them make that first important step. Greg Hamilton is president of the Northwest Religious Liberty Association and shares the details.

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God In Control

September 15 2016

It's a phrase you hear often in times of personal or national distress. "Don't worry," people say reassuringly, "no matter what happens, God is in control." Does that mean that the outcome of every decision is under His control as well? Greg Hamilton, president of the Northwest Religious Liberty Association, discusses just how far God's manipulating hand reaches.

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Voices of Liberty: Part 2 - Charles Mills

September 08 2016

More stories from men and women who have come face to face with religious liberty challenges--in their own words.

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Voices of Liberty, Part 1 - Charles Mills

September 01 2016

There are men and women who have faced issues of religious liberty either personally, in their families, or in their communities. These are their stories--in their own words.

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August 25 2016

You accommodate me. I accommodate you. Seems simple enough. But these day, we're hearing voices saying: "You must accommodate me even if, in so doing, you have to bend or even suspend you religious views. Oh, and my demands aren't religious. They're secular." Michael Peabody, a Los Angeles-based attorney who specializes in workplace accommodation and discrimination cases, provides details.

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Politics from the Pulpit

August 17 2016

Christian church pulpits are supposed to be sounding boards for personal peace, divine promises, and spiritual prosperity. But many flocks of church-goers may start to hear politics preached from the pulpit. Are these churches just getting in tune with the times or are they overstepping the boundaries of their God-ordained ministry? Michael Peabody, a workplace litigator and endless advocate of religious liberty, weighs in.

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Playground Politics

August 11 2016

Children's playgrounds are usually places where you hear happy laughter and the squeak of swaying swings. But one church is using their playground to make a point--and make a demand that's reaching clear up to the Supreme Court. Michael Peabody, a Los Angeles-based attorney, provides details.

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California Bill SB1146

August 04 2016

California: land of sunshine, shimmering beaches, and more government bills that you can shake a gavel at. One recent bill, called SB1146, is causing quite a stir. Michael Peabody, a workplace accommodation and discrimination attorney and tireless supporter of church/state separation, explains.

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