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The Johnson Amendment

February 23 2017

For the past 50 years, few knew anything at all about what’s called “The Johnson Amendment.” Now it’s a hot topic on social media. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, pulls back the curtain to reveal its history and why it’s under fire today.

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Enemy Down Under

February 16 2017

Who knew that Australia was such an enemy of the United States? Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine—and a citizen of that country—provides the history behind present-day conflicts between these two great nations.

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Law and Morality

February 09 2017

Donald Trump has been busy. One of his recent busy moments included what is perceived to be a ban on Muslims from certain parts of the world from entering the United States. Good idea? Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, weighs in on the topic.

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The Cost of Silence

February 02 2017

It’s tempting—to not say anything. You hear people bashing this or praising that and you know better—at least you think you do. Do you speak up or remain silent? Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, offers a cautionary tale from the Reformation.

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Under God?

January 31 2017

We all know the words. “One nation, under God?” But what are their real meanings? Kevin James, associate director for public affairs and religious liberty for the Southern Union of Seventh-day Adventists, shares insights into these powerful and often misunderstood words.

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January 24 2017

The dictionary defines the word “Entitlement” as “give a right to.” So, just how much are we entitled in the country to worship and obey God as we see fit? Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, weighs in.

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Loving Liberty

January 17 2017

Sometimes, the fight for religious freedom, brings about real challenges in a person’s life. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, shares the story of how it recently resulted in something quite unexpected. 

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Feet of clay

January 10 2017

Some say, arguably, that the Reformation began with Marin Luther. He was certainly a main player. But the movement had some subtext, especially when it came to the rich mix of cultures and peoples drawn into it. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, explains.

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Desmond Doss

January 03 2017

With the release of the movie, "Hacksaw Ridge," Hollywood is tossing two thumbs up for the concept of religious liberty, at least in the military. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine talks about Doss and his beliefs.

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2016 In Review

December 29 2016

As we close out 2016, we’d do well to see where we’ve been and where we may be headed when it comes to our religious freedoms. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, leads the way.

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Back to the Future

December 21 2016

There’s an old saying: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, says that our country is in danger of doing just that when it comes to religious freedom.

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Conscience at War

December 15 2016

With the release of the movie, “Hacksaw Ridge,” public attention concerning the religious rights of U.S. servicemen and woman has reached an all-time high. Just how much freedom does a soldier, sailor, or airman have when it comes to following his or her conscience? Lieutenant Commander Robert Mills, chaplain in the U.S. Navy, offers insights.

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