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Alan J. Reinach is Executive Director of the Church State Council, the religious liberty educational and advocacy arm of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, representing five western states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah. His legal practice emphasizes First Amendment religious freedom cases, and religious accommodation cases under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related state civil rights laws. Reinach is also a Seventh-day Adventist minister who speaks regularly on religious freedom topics, and is the host of a nationally syndicated weekly radio broadcast, “Freedom’s Ring.” He is the principal author and editor of Politics and Prophecy: The Battle for Religious Liberty and the Authentic Gospel, and a frequent contributor to Libertymagazine.


Is Nothing Sacred?

March, 2013

We have known for more than twenty years that the free exercise of religion has been relegated to the dustbin of history as a third rate first amendment freedom. Now the Supreme Court has taught us that precious little remains sacred in this land of ours, certainly not funerals.

As American as Apple Pie

November, 2011

The U.S. Senate is dragging its feet on reauthorizing the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and by doing so, it might as well adopt a resolution condemning apple pie as un-American.

Church and the New National Security State

September, 2011

When the law over reaches, and makes everyone a criminal, no one is safe. We become helpless pawns at the mercy of the national security state.

The Attack on Marriage now Undermines a Republican Form of Government

February, 2011

Set aside your ideas about marriage, just for the moment, if it is even possible to avoid emotional responses to a discussion of the legal issues swirling around marriage. Regardless of your views about whether marriage should be restricted to a man and a woman, or should include same-sex couples, the announcement by the Justice Department that it will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is a genuinely frightening development.

Liberty and Liberation in Egypt

February, 2011

It is not enough to recognize risks, to bemoan incidents of terrorism or persecution of a faith community. It is necessary for the morally sensitive to follow up sincere sentiment with action. It remains to be seen what specific actions Americans can take to make a difference, but those who care about religious freedom should cultivate a readiness to act, not just "sigh and cry."


Beyond Words

March, 2016

A community response to the San Bernardino shooting.

Disaster Relief for Churches?

July, 2013

FEMA aid to houses of worship does not require taxpayers to financially support the propagation of abhorrent religious beliefs.

A Clash of Rights

May, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty

Liberty Saves the Day

September, 2008

Pacific Union College in Angwin, California, was up against the proverbial wall. A powerful coalition was pressing for an amendment to the Napa County...

Seeking Redress

November, 2007

". . . to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves, is sinful and tyrannical.. . ....

State Acknowledgement of God

July, 2006

In his book So Help Me God former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore, the "Ten Commandments judge," asks: "Can the State Acknowledge...

The Bill of Freedoms A Christian looks at the meaning of God’s ten rules. . .

May, 2005

The legal conflict over the public display of the Ten Commandments provides a wonderful opportunity to examine the content of the commandments. Although...

The Two Tables of the Law

May, 2005

For centuries Protestants have found a convenient division between the first and second tables of the ten-commandment law. Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, was the first American to associate two concepts: the separation of church and state an

Churches Attacked

January, 2004

fter midnight on the last day of the 2003 legislative session, the California legislature adopted a controversial measure to require religious...

Let My People Speak

September, 2002

A short drive down a quiet country road, incongruous by its being located between the large population centers of San Francisco and Sacramento, is the Vacaville Seventh-day Adventist Church. Actually, the church itself isn't quite finished. At present th

No Right is an Island

March, 2002

No Right is an Island By Alan J. Reinach Post-September 11 polls show that Americans are all too willing to trade freedom for security. But what...

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