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Religious Tests And Civil Society

March, 2004

In July of last year advertisements appeared in the newspapers of Rhode Island and Maine showing a courtroom door with a sign reading "Catholics Need Not Apply." The ads had been placed by an organization called the Committee for Justice (CFJ), which is l

Civil Religion And America’s Inclusive Faith

January, 2004

Most presidents in American history have integrated religion into their political speeches in what scholars have dubbed civil religion. This has especially been the case in wartime, as war seems to inspire in people a need to know that God is with us.

A Separationist Silver Lining

November, 2002

A week before the Supreme Court's ruling in the Cleveland voucher case, Zelman v. Simmons-Harris (2002), I was coleading a seminar on religious liberty. My friend and fellow instructor told the group that if the Court upheld tuition vouchers for pr

The 10-Foot Pole

March, 2002

Early last year Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, received a call from a press agency. The caller wanted someone in the...

A Limited Public Forum?

September, 2001

In church-state activism today the battle lines usually form between separationists and accommodationists. While there are other positions, these two have...

A Very Public Religion

May, 2001

Over the course of the past 13 years Justice Antonin Scalia has emerged as one of the most controversial figures on the Supreme Court. Some claim that he...

Prayer, Football, and Civil Religion in Texas

November, 2000

What's up with prayer and football in Texas and across the South? The big issue during the 1999 season was not the sometimes observed prayer in the end...

Older and Wiser

September, 2000

Religious Right watchdogs may remember the flap in late 1996 and early 1997 over a symposium in Richard John Neuhaus's journal First Things. I argued in...

Separation of Church and State Is Not Just for Liberals . . .

November, 1999

Parker has been billed as a converted and reformed welfare mother who has become a fiery orator for conservative Christian political causes. Given her...

Through the Back Door

May, 1999

Luther on Church and State Many erroneously believe that Martin Luther approved of or even designed Germany's state-church system. On the contraryhe...

Divided Loyalties?

September, 1997

Ever hear the one about the cowboy with multiple personalities? At sunset he rode off in all directions. So it is with the Religious Right. Or almost,...

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