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Barry W. Bussey is vice-president of Legal Affairs at the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, Elmira, Ontario, Canada.


Breaking the Covenant

September, 2015

A Canadian Christian law school discovers that its principles have a cost.

The State as Step-Parent

September, 2013

The protection of freedom of religion afforded by s. 2(a) of the [Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms] is broad and jealously guarded in our Charter jurisprudence.

A Tale of Two Unions

January, 2010

A Pastor's Wife on the Stand for Religious Exemption

Religious Killing Threatens Religion

May, 2008

Aqsa Parvez was just 16 when her father, Muhammad Parvez, murdered her.1 Allegedly it was for her audacity to refuse his injunction that she wear the...

A Pictou is Worth Religious Words - Events in a charming Nova Scotia seaside destination

July, 2005

Pictou, Nova Scotia, is "a charming seaside destination steeped in Scottish culture and history" on the Northumberland Strait-a convenient stop-off point for those taking the ferry to Prince Edward Island. It is a place where one can sit back and enjoy

Beyond The State

September, 2004

Why Silence is Not an Option

September, 2004

Religious communities that view sexual relations outside of the traditional marriage of one man and one woman as immoral and a "sin" ought to prepare...

Teaching True Values

September, 2004

Perhaps it is not surprising that the classroom has become the battlefield of hot debate over public values. Schools, whether private or public, have...

Narrowing the Spectrum

March, 2003

One would have thought that the modern university campus would be open to differences of opinion and critical thinking. However, Cynthia Maughan, an English graduate student at the University of British Columbia (UBC), fears that the modern university may

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