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Managing Member, Kester Law Firm

Charles M. Kester is the managing member of the Kester Law Firm, with an active litigation practice in the areas of civil rights, labor and employment law, including religious discrimination and accommodation. He regularly appears before a wide range of state and federal agencies, as well as state and federal trial and appellate courts. Mr. Kester has published in legal journals and has lectured extensively on employment law issues in public and private employment. He is a member of numerous professional organizations and Bar Associations, including the National Employment Lawyers Association, and has served as an officer and Chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the Arkansas Bar Association. Mr. Kester served as lead trial and appellate counsel in Sturgill v. UPS, which was featured in the November/December 2006 and January/February 2009 editions of Liberty.


Say No to Drones

March, 2013

The U.S. Government has no business killing people without due process. However, the real issue with the use of drones, which is our right to privacy, is largely obscured by the discussion about “killing.”

Churches Have No Business Speaking in Favor of Political Candidates

January, 2013

When we go to church, we seek spiritual and not political instruction. For that limited period of time we seek to serve God rather than "man" or Caesar. Efforts to use the pulpit to speak in favor of political candidates are little more than misguided attempts to thrust Caesar into a realm properly reserved for God.

Soft Power Leadership

December, 2012

Exactly how the U.S. should be involved in international religious freedom is complicated, but I would propose that a least common denominator as to the “how,” would be that the U.S. should avoid arrogance or belligerence in its approach to these important issues.

Conversion at the Point of the Sword

July, 2011

From an American legal and historical perspective, such a regulation is a bad idea, and there is nothing about the European experience that would cause that bad idea to improve as it crosses the Atlantic.

Easy Judicial Decisions Don’t Make Them Any Less Important

March, 2011

Were I to have the opportunity to speak with the Snyders, I would suggest to them that - as paradoxical as it may sound - they view the Supreme Court decision (and for that matter, the activities of the Westboro Baptist Church members) as one of the greatest memorials to their sacrifice.

Democracy vs. Liberty

February, 2011

Whether Egypt’s change in government happens imminently or is delayed until the next election cycle, democracy is the watchword. As intoxicating as the vision of democracy may be, it does not necessarily bode well for minorities – including Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority.

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