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Charles Small Longacre was editor of Liberty from 1913-1942. He wrote this in 1939.


‚ÄčA Matter of Principle

July, 2016

Roger Williams pioneered the way for the disestablishment of religion and the divorcement of the church from the state in America. The burden of his soul was that all men might be free to worship or not to worship God, as their own consciences dictated. He endeavored to reestablish primitive Christianity in harmony with the teaching and practice of the Author of Christianity. The burden of every sermon he preached, of every book he wrote, and of all his labors of charity, was to reveal the spirit of Christ to men, and lead them back to the true religion.

A Matter of Principle

July, 2016

The continuing saga of Roger Williams.

The “Holy Commonwealth”

May, 2016

Continuing the story on a champion of religious freedom.

One Great Objective

March, 2016

Roger Williams, after his banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, had but one great objective to which he devoted the rest of his life, and that...

Soul Liberty

January, 2016

Tracing the story of Roger Williams and the battle for true religious freedom in the American colonies.

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