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Clifford Goldstein writes from Mt. Airy, Maryland. A previous editor of Liberty, he now edits Bible study lessons for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


A True Believer

October, 2016

Christopher Hitchens and the philosophical struggle of his final days.

Defender of the Faith

September, 2016

Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.

A Swingers Club Gets “Religion”

July, 2016

Defining your terms takes on a special relevance.

The First Freedom

March, 2015

If God Himself, even at the cost of the cross, wouldn’t trample on our “religious” freedom, then how dare any human institutions, such as a government?

A Great Miracle Occurred Here

January, 2015

The Maccabees and the fight for religious liberty.

Speaking as a Brother

November, 2014

Pope Francis' plea for Christian unity.

The Ideal and the Real

May, 2014

A nation founded by the persecuted has trouble avoiding sins of its own making.

Does Religion Poison Everything?

January, 2014

Atheist, Christopher Hitchens was inclined to blame Christianity for most of the world’s problems. Was he right?

More Than Any Day

September, 2013

Sunday Laws are symptomatic of the bigger question regarding the power of the state to enforce religious dogma.

In the Lions’ Den

April, 2013

However much, and often, it seems that darkness is winning, and that people of faith are persecuted, harassed, even killed, the book of Daniel reveals a view of the world and its history that, going beyond the past and the present, points to the future.

When Religious Liberty Issues Aren’t

January, 2013

What is, or is not a bona fide religious liberty question?

The Blues

May, 2012

If you thought that Sunday “blue” laws were relics of the past, something that belongs in Norman Rockwell paintings of “the good old...

The Costs of Free Speech

July, 2011

According to a recent Supreme Court ruling (Albert Snyder vs. Westboro Baptist Church), the free speech clause might not allow someone to yell "Fire!" in a...

Lawful, But Not Helpful

January, 2011

In the case of the Koran burning and Ground Zero mosque, the words from the apostle Paul might be worthy of some consideration. Paul wrote to the Corinthians: "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify" (1 Cor 10:23).

Christ-Centered Liberty

November, 2010

I once found myself seated at a table in Washington, D.C., with representatives of many political and religious groups. Representing a conservative...

“Give Us This Prayer”

July, 2010

It wasn’t supposed to work like this.An atheist organization filed a lawsuit earlier in the year challenging the National Day of Prayer as a...

Jesus Plus Nothing

May, 2010

A religious group's ties to the political establishment show why a motto is easier said than done.

Confessions of a Religious Fanatic

March, 2010

Words that depict religious faith at its highest ideal have been usurped by those who depict it at its lowest. And, unfortunately, but (thanks to folk such as Nidal Hasan) understandably, it

When Religion Becomes Evil

March, 2009

A Book Review

Faith Attack

September, 2008

Picture this dystopia: in the name of rationality, reason, and science—religion is severely pro-scribed. Some religious beliefs— beliefs...

The Myth of a Christian Nation

January, 2008

Funny that I read The Myth of a Christian Nation the week Jerry Falwell died, because Falwell, in his own inimitable way, personified the thesis...

The Passion of Mel

January, 2007

By now the summer of 2006 has faded into memory, and what a summer it was! First, there was the Israel-Hezbollah war, the foiled Muslim terrorist plot...

Jews and the Christian Right

March, 2006

It has been one of the stranger political alliances in American history: the conservative evangelicals of the Christian Right and America's Jews, two...

Thou Shalt Not Be A Hypocrite

May, 2005

One of the most famous scenes in American cinematic history unfurls near the end of Casablanca, when the police inspector declares to Rick Blaine...

I’m Personally Opposed… But

November, 2004

In 2003 the soon-to-be-terminated governor of California, Gray Davis, was warned by his local bishop that the governor's boast of making California...

A Ride Down Sixteenth Street, N.W.

September, 1998

Some monuments, however, are not facades of freedom, but the face of it; not distortions of ideals, but their embodiment; not expressions of greatness, but...


March, 1998

"Christians are experiencing an unprecedented level of persecution around the world," said a sermon posted on the Internet by the Ethics and Religious...


November, 1997

Man "is born without his own consent; his organization does in nowise depend upon himself; his ideas come to him involuntarily; his habits are in the power...


September, 1997

In the century before Thomas Jefferson's birth, radical Baptist Roger Williams-responding to those who confused liberty with licentiousness-addressed the...


September, 1997

"The structure of nature may eventually be such that our processes of thought do not correspond to it sufficiently to permit us to think about it at...

A Nonpartisan Educational Organization?

May, 1997

In a 1991 recruitment video, America at a Crossroads, Pat Robertson, founder and chairman of the Christian Coalition, hardly sounded like the leader of a...


May, 1997



March, 1997

Though U.S. Supreme Court briefs are rarely noted for prosody or style (who confuses Macbeth with McCollum or Lycidas with Lemon?), occasionally a phrase...

A Nonpartisan Educational Organization?

March, 1997

In a 1991 recruitment video, America at a Crossroads, Pat Robertson, founder and chairman of the Christian Coalition, hardly sounded like the leader of a...


March, 1997

"Truth is what the majority thinks it is at any given moment precisely because the majority is permitted to govern and redefine its values constantly." -...

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