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Reformation, Tolerance, and Persecution

November, 2011

Editors' note: This is the fifth and final article in a series on the history of Christian persecution up to the end of the seventeenth century. The...

The Emergence of Toleration

July, 2011

Part Four in a Series

Tough Love

May, 2011

Part Three in a Series

The Medieval Not Quite Reformed

March, 2011

Part Two In a Series

The Christian Persecutory Impulse

January, 2011

There are many different forms of religious intolerance, and over the centuries, many faiths have been persecuted. In the Western context, however, it is the persecution of Christians, by Christians, especially in the two centuries after the Reformation, that is most important.

A Turning Point

November, 2010

Part Five in a Series

Christian Versus Muslim

September, 2010

Part Four in a Series

The European Holy Wars

July, 2010

Part Three in a Series

The Reformation and Wars of Religion

May, 2010

Part Two in a Series

Religious Wars and Religious Freedom: A Troubled History

March, 2010

Although today Western society generally accepts that freedom of religious belief and expression is an innate human right, that position emerged only after centuries of religious intolerance and persecution, and centuries of interreligious hatred so extreme that it frequently resulted in wars of religion.

Reformation Achieved

July, 2009

The English Reformation and Religious Freedom: PART IV

Reformation and Counter Reformation

May, 2009

The English Reformation and Religious Freedom: PART III

The Beginnings of Religious Diversity

March, 2009

The English Reformation and Religious Freedom: PART II

The Break From Rome

January, 2009

The English Reformation and the Origins of Religious Diversity and Religious Freedom.

Tumults, Riots, and Seditions

May, 2007

The European wars of religion, which followed the Reformation and raged roughly from the early mid-sixteenth century to the later mid-seventeenth century,...

A Moral Vision

January, 2007

One of the great puzzles to foreign observers of the U.S. political and religious scene is how an overtly religious political movement can flourish in a...

Oliver Cromwell

November, 2006

The intolerant inheritance of America’s religious extreme.

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