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Unlawful Assembly

March, 2003

A Christian family living in the Soviet Union sometime in the mid-twentieth century gathers with a few close friends to take part in an illicit activity—Bible study and prayer. The door bursts open, and the KGB storms in. The frightened group is her

Render Unto Caesar

January, 2003

Religion squared off with consumerism in Cypress, California, last May when the Cypress City Council voted unanimously to seize, through use of the city's power of eminent domain, 18 acres of land owned by the Cottonwood Christian Center in order to build

Liberty Versus Terror

March, 2002

Voices cry out from newspaper editorials and TV and radio talk shows daily-demanding what most of us took for granted prior to September l1, 200l-the...

A Job, Faith, and Public Funding

July, 2001

After Keith Brooks lost his job as a systems administrator he was forced to apply for welfare. But Brooks wasn

Amish Child-Labor Exemption

May, 2001

Federal labor laws prohibit children under 16 from working in manufacturing, and children under 18 are restricted from working in other dangerous...

God of Our Mottoes

November, 2000

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the famous atheist, tried unsuccessfully before her death to remove "In God We Trust" from currency and to stop jurors from saying...

Religious Divide

May, 2000

Evangelist John Wayne "punkin" Brown picked up the three-foot yellow timber rattlesnake while delivering one of his raucous sermons in Alabama in 1998....

Blood Oath

July, 1999

A few minutes earlier a 32-year-old auto mechanic named Keith Cook left a birthday party "drunk and angry." He tore off in his 1972 pickup, which soon...

Rules to Live By

November, 1998

Baseball and advertising are two of America's most popular activities, so when California businessman Edward Di Loreto--a strong financial supporter of...

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