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Edwin Cook has a doctorate in church-state studies from Baylor University, Waco, Texas. He writes from Waco.


Sibling Rivalry

May, 2013

Lincoln E. Steed, Editor of Liberty magazine, and Dr. Ed Cook, PhD Baylor University, discuss how, at times, people within a church become deeply stirred because they see some injustice in the church - and they believe their rights and their view point is being shut down. They say 'this is a religious liberty issue, my religious freedom is being restricted!'. But is it truly a religious freedom issue?


How Much Liberty?

July, 2013

Without doubt, current viewpoints of leading Roman Catholic cardinals on the subject of religious liberty reveal a concept that highly favors the liberty of the church to fulfill its mission in society.

The Way

November, 2012

Novus Ordo Seclorum: A New World Order

The Vision Thing

September, 2012

A Catholic View of Religious Freedom in the United States

The Rest of the Story

March, 2011

Sunday laws have a long history in America. Originally imported from England during the Colonial era by the Puritans, their observance was strictly...

Europe and the Issue of Rest

January, 2011

On May 31, 1998, Pope John Paul II issued the apostolic letter Dies Domini (on keeping the Lord's Day holy), in which he attempted to provide a biblical...

Crucifix Conundrums

September, 2010

In November 2009 the Catholic Church in Italy was faced with a "Crucifix Conundrum." Catholic crucifixes adorn every room of the public school system. In...

Changing Views

July, 2009

During his visit to America in April 2008, Pope Benedict XVI esteemed the model of American church-state relations as a potential schema to follow in...

Gaining the Upper Hand

January, 2009

Subsidiarity and Justice for All?

True to Soul Liberty

March, 2008

For over two centuries, our nation has enjoyed the liberties envisioned by such Founding Fathers as Madison, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin. Our...

The Political Utility of Religious Pluralism

November, 2006

On the eve of October 12, 539 B.C. (Tishri 16), the inhabitants of Babylon rested in ease and security. It was a grand city not far down the river...

Parousia or Politics?

January, 2005

"As a statement of general principle Romans 13:1-7 has for centuries provided biblical validation for a theology of the state–as the secular arm...

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