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Elijah Mvundura writes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has graduate degrees in economic history, European history, and education.



September, 2016

Deep analysis of sociological shifts and a civilizational retreat.

Slouching Toward Democratic Totalitarianism

May, 2016

Even a democracy can choose to give away basic freedoms.

The Devil Is in the Details

January, 2015

Building a Christian state.

A Divine Project

March, 2014

The wall between church and state.

Deformations of the Apocalypse

April, 2013

Modern freedoms, be they religious, economic, political, or individual, were elaborated as a retort to the medieval church-state’s authoritarianism; to its passion for unity that had all the intimations of modern totalitarianism.

Why the Jews?

May, 2010

Anti-Semitism is a historical enigma. Its origin in pagan antiquity, its evolution through the medieval period, and its demonic denouement in the Holocaust...

Creation as Prologue

May, 2006

Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species (1859) shattered faith in Creation, God, and other fundamental Bible truths for many readers. Since that time...

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