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Virtue and Freedom

May, 2015

Do humans have the inherent ability to make free choices and judgments, or are they determined by forces outside of their control?

Civil Disobedience: A Christian View

January, 2015

In his work Does God Approve of Civil Disobedience? (Sioux City, Iowa: Anchor Publications), scholar Wallace McLaughlin says confidently that “God does...

Lincoln’s Noble Character

January, 2013

We desperately need today many more men and women of Abraham Lincoln's nobility of mind, spirit, and character.

Racism and the Golden Rule

January, 2013

The best way to overcome racial bigotry and promote racial understanding and harmony is to practice the golden rule.

The Promised Persecution

May, 2012

Persecution of Christians is alive and well in Communist China; it became especially vicious, brutal, sadistic, and deadly during the Cultural...

Christians and Civil Disobedience

March, 2012

Houston Baptist University scholar/educator Louis Markos, writing in From Achilles to Christ (InterVarsity Press), gives the example of Sophocles’...

Religion and the Schools

January, 2012

In its 1952 Zorach v. Clauson ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court said it is constitutionally permissible for public school children to participate in...

The Terrifying, Horrifying Evil of Religious Bigotry

May, 2010

Peter declares in the New Testament: “Do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering…. But rejoice that you participate in the...

Religious Freedom Under Attack Around the World

November, 2008

An adjunct fellow at the Claremont Institute in California, Dr. Paul Marshall tells us in Religious Freedom in the World (Nashville, TN: Broadman &...

Free Will

May, 2008

British scholar Roger Smith, in his book Being Human (Columbia University Press), maintains that "the notion of self-creation and the notion of freedom...

Religious Faith Promotes Well-being

January, 2008

According to physician-medical scholar Dr. Walt Larimore, author of 10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People (Zondervan), several studies demonstrate...

The Right to Freedom of Expression

July, 2007

According to United States District Court Judge Norman Mordue, the Liverpool Central School District in Upstate, New York, violated fourth grader...

The American Government vs. Religion?

May, 2007

A professor of religion at Texas Christian University, Ronald Flowers wrote in his book That Godless Court (Westminster/John Knox) how "In 1962 and...

Students of Freedom

July, 2006

In 1994 a 10-year-old boy attending Waring Elementary School, Saint Louis, Missouri, bowed his head during lunchtime to say a prayer thanking God for...

Students, Teachers, And Religious Freedom

January, 2006

An editorial in the February 24, 2004, News-Star, Monroe, Louisiana, pointed out that the Monroe School Board has voted unanimously to introduce elective...

Evolution and Intelligent Design

January, 2006

According to InterVarsity Press, "The intelligent design theory has become the center of a growing controversy among state boards of education around...

The Evil of Religious Persecution

January, 2005

A new report from the U.S. State Department reveals that religious persecution around the world is alive and well. The report says Christians routinely...

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