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The Rage Against God

September, 2011

Book Review

Protecting Faith in the Workplace

July, 2008

Congressional testimony by James D. Standish —February 12, 2008 Chair Andrews, ranking member Mr. Kline, other members of the...

Government Displays Problematic

May, 2005

Whenever the government becomes involved in religion, it is problematic, and the posting of the Ten Commandments is no exception.

Equality And Matrimony

September, 2004

One enters the fray of the same-sex marriage debate with trepidation. The principal parties in the debate are so polarized, and the stakes seemingly so...

I Walk the Line

July, 2004

William Wilberforce's legacy was possible for two reasons. First, he was a committed Christian. Second, he was also a member of the British Parliament. Because of the first, he had a burning passion against the institution of slavery. Because of the secon

The Freedom Matrix

May, 2004

Every morning the president starts his day in the Oval Office, surrounded by attorney general John Ashcroft, FBI director Robert Mueller, and CIA director George Tenet, reviewing the threat matrix.

Freedom Behind Bars

September, 2003

One of the primary purposes of incarceration is the reform and eventual rehabilitation of prisoners. Despite this goal, recidivism is common, and prisons are often the breeding grounds of criminal conspiracies. Yet not all those released from prison retu

The Glorious 108th

January, 2003

The beginning of a new Congress is somewhat like the birth of a new baby. Like a child, the new Congress is born with the burden of history sitting fairly across its shoulders, it has much of the DNA of the preceding Congress, and it operates in much the

Working For Freedom

May, 2002

Working For Freedom By James D. Standish The name Eric Liddell may have faded into obscurity, but at the 1924 Paris Olympic Games, Eric's name was...

Freedom Under Islam

November, 2001

It is true that there is scarcely an Islamic nation on the face of the earth that provides true religious freedom: the more Islamic a country is, in...

Freedom from Fear

November, 2001

IN THAT MOMENT OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED Institutions we once looked to for security now appear fragile. It is harder to be blas

No Taxation to Fund Discrimination

November, 2001

Well, yes, they can. The

Beyond Death with Dignity

July, 1999

Dr. Andrew Gotts[0] is a neurologist who practices in Washington State. Among his patients are some who have ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's disease). During his...

Is Scientology a Religion?

January, 1998

There are a number of methods to test if an organization is a religion, and the method used may decide the answer to the inquiry. Four possible methods are...

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