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America Comes to Rome

September, 2008

When the Vatican announced last fall through Archbishop Pietro Sambi, papal nuncio to the United States, that Pope Benedict XVI would be visiting the...

Is France Hostile to Religion?

May, 2004

After a rather short debate in the lower chamber of the French Parliament, the law banning symbols of religious affiliation in the public schools was adopted on February 10, 2004, with a majority of 494 votes to 36. Actually, the problem has a long histor

Faith In The World

January, 2004

It is time to acknowledge the atrocious treatment that people of faith receive around the world. It is time to send the governments of these nations clear messages that they cannot persecute people of faith while the world stands silently by.

Home-Grown Intolerance in France

January, 2002

The countries of Western Europe are America's historic partners in terms of shared commitment to democracy and human rights. But even in Western Europe we are observing new and subtle forms of religious discrimination. The bill enacted by the French gover

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