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Powerless Prayer

March, 2014

Despite the First Amendment's ban on government establishments of religion,opening government meetings with prayer is a longstanding tradition in many American communities.

The Establishment Clause Assault

March, 2009

The Bell and McCord children were verbally assaulted at the school, not just by students, but by the faculty as well. Upside-down crosses were taped to...

Final Summum

March, 2009

A Question of Public Display

Intelligent Reasoning

May, 2006

When a federal court ruled unconstitutional the Dover, Pennsylvania, school board policy promoting "intelligent design" in the science classroom, it also...

Quiet Case May Have Far-Reaching Impact

March, 2006

Missing were the shouting protestors with placards, the miniature Ten Commandments tablets, and the throng of media representatives. It was almost business as usual the day the Supreme Court heard the term's sole religious liberty case. Unlike the Ten Com

Scholarship And History

March, 2004

"To preserve freedom of conscience for all its citizens in matters of religious faith and belief, Washington's constitution limits the involvement of government. It limits both the ability to regulate religious activities and to fund religious activities.

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