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Kevin Paulson is a much-published author, editor, and minister of religion. He writes from Berrien Springs, Michigan.


The Orlando Massacre

October, 2016

The act of a madman, religious fanatic, or a terrorist?

Religious Freedom and Discrimination

September, 2016

Case study of religious accommodation initiatives in Mississippi and North Carolina.

Beyond Benign

January, 2016

Liberty of conscience and the unchanging papacy.

Inconvenient History

May, 2015

The late novelist Gore Vidal spoke of America once as “the United States of Amnesia.” This condition was highlighted all too painfully by the response of many conservative Christians to a remark made by President Obama during the National Prayer Breakfast on February 5, 2015.

False Alarms

March, 2015

True liberty must protect both the right to freely adhere to religious tenets and the right to freely deny them.

Slouching Toward Capernaum

July, 2014

People with strong convictions of any kind often function best when believing themselves under siege. So long as it is believed that contemporary trends...

Assessing the Secular Threat

September, 2013

Equal protection under American law is not only for persons holding to a religiously conservative worldview.

The Ghost of Elections Past

April, 2013

Is this truly an open-and-shut, blatant case of theological compromise for the sake of political power?

Keeping Perspective

March, 2013

How the christian quest for temporal power turns thoughtful minds from the biblical worldview.

By What Authority?

January, 2013

What happens when biblical absolutes become politically inconvenient?

Leaving Faith Behind

November, 2011

On July 15, 2011, with political headlines dominated by negotiations over the U.S. debt ceiling, another political story caught the nation’s notice....

Free Will, Predestination, and Religious Liberty

January, 2011

Listening to leaders of the Religious Right in the U.S., one might conclude that Christian dominance of the civil government is a biblical demand. But a careful review of both Scripture and church history reveals that this belief entered Christian theology some time after the Bible was written.

The Ever-Blurring Line

November, 2007

The 2008 presidential season is not only starting earlier than any in U.S. history; it is also setting a new record for the raising of issues that are...

Coercion or Conversion

July, 2006

In a speech to the Notre Dame student body during the 1984 U.S. presidential campaign, New York governor Mario Cuomo addressed the issue of...

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