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Editor, Liberty Magazine

Lincoln E. Steed is the editor of Liberty magazine, a 200,000 circulation religious liberty journal which is distributed to political leaders, judiciary, lawyers and other thought leaders in North America. He is additionally the host of the weekly 3ABN television show "The Liberty Insider," and the radio program "Lifequest Liberty."


Re-authorization a No Brainer, But…

November, 2011

I do hope the Commission is reauthorized and re-funded. We need it. But I also hope the State Department will step up and hold a consistent view on religious freedom, as opposed to a freedom of worship mantra that is a bridge not far enough.

A Draft Law With Future Implications

August, 2011

Yes, this proposed law certainly draws on increasing reservoirs of religious prejudice! It would be naive to think otherwise. And naive to expect otherwise from Europeans fearful that their culture is under attack.

Cry Foul

July, 2011

Defenders of religious liberty and a healthy separation of church and state cannot ignore the role of church groups here in promoting their sacred day for a civil list—we must cry foul.

The Limits of Friendship

April, 2011

Those defending the church actions in terminating the teacher in the case go the second mile in expanding her minor religious duties to come under a ministerial exemption—where in other cases brought by church organizations seeking government funding these same duties would be minimized to come under the definition of pervasively secular.

You’re in Kansas Now, Free Speech!

March, 2011

Great decision and a continuing affirmation of the First Amendment commitment to free speech. However, I cannot help wondering if it is a decision, or at least a case taken, that the court will live to regret.

Twin Opposites: Same Sex Marriage and Abortion

February, 2011

When discussing the recent news that the White House and the Justice Department will no longer be defending the Defense of Marriage Act, we might ask ourselves if our reaction would be any different if they made that announcement regarding Roe v. Wade. In some ways these are the twin opposites on legislative morality.

Is McCain Right?

February, 2011

Apart from bewilderment, the talking heads on TV seem to be in a fog of shock. John McCain put it about as plaintively as anyone when he said on February 1 that the Egyptian crisis is “one of the most difficult times in our history.” His statement makes little sense unless A) he has confused us with Israel, or B) he is presuming this is the rapidly rising crest of an Islamic wave in the Middle East.


Explaining Liberty

March, 2017

Liberty Magazine Video Blog - November 5 2015

November, 2015

First video blog in a series from Liberty magazine editor Lincoln E. Steed.

Download Video

Prisoner at War

November, 2013

"Liberty Insider" host, Lincoln Steed, and Seventh-day Adventist associate general counsel, Todd McFarland, discuss the religious liberty rights of an often marginalized segment of society: prisoners. Do prisoners have the ability to practice their faith as their conscience dictates? Should they?

The Grand Tradition

November, 2013

"Liberty Insider" host, Lincoln Steed, and IRLA Secretary General, Dr. John Graz, share their memories and admiration for long time religious liberty advocate, Dr. Bert Beach.

The Circus is in Town

November, 2013

Guest panelist Dr. John Graz, secretary-general of the International Religious Liberty Association, shares his vision for spreading religious freedom across the globe by way of regional festivals.

Spinning Globe

November, 2013

Liberty editor, Lincoln Steed, and Seventh-day Adventist world church religious liberty director, Dr. John Graz, discuss global trends and challenges in the world of religious liberty.

On the Beach

November, 2013

Guest panelist Dr. John Graz, religious liberty director for the Seventh-day Adventist world church, describes the recent Religious Liberty World Congress in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


November, 2013

Liberty editor, Lincoln Steed, and Seventh-day Adventist world church religious liberty director, John Graz, critique the 10th annual Religious Liberty Dinner, which featured a keynote address by Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird.

A Very Human Thing

November, 2013

Liberty editor, Lincoln Steed, and Seventh-day Adventist world church Public Affairs & Religious Liberty director, Dr. John Graz, examine secularism and its influence on contemporary religious freedom.

Branding Iron

November, 2013

"Liberty Insider" host Lincoln Steed and Seventh-day Adventist Church associate general counsel, Todd McFarland, delve into the "Why, How, and For What Purpose?" of the decision to register a denomination's name as a trademark.

To Go or Not to Go

November, 2013

Liberty editor Lincoln Steed and Seventh-day Adventist Church associate general counsel, Todd McFarland, share the tragic and bizarre story of the current imprisonment of local pastor Antonio Monteiro in Togo.

Legal Eagle

November, 2013

Liberty editor, Lincoln Steed, and Todd McFarland, associate general counsel for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, discuss the role, function, and necessity of the church's in house legal department.

I Hear a Symphony

November, 2013

Liberty editor, Lincoln Steed, queries Seventh-day Adventist associate general counsel, Todd McFarland, on the current climate and future direction of the Supreme Court in regard to religious freedom.

Defending the Defenseless

November, 2013

Liberty editor, Lincoln Steed, and Seventh-day Adventist Church associate general counsel, Todd McFarland, discuss the church's longstanding commitment to defending the rights of its members -- as well as non-members -- most often in the case of workplace religious discrimination.

Sibling Rivalry

May, 2013

Lincoln E. Steed, Editor of Liberty magazine, and Dr. Ed Cook, PhD Baylor University, discuss how, at times, people within a church become deeply stirred because they see some injustice in the church - and they believe their rights and their view point is being shut down. They say 'this is a religious liberty issue, my religious freedom is being restricted!'. But is it truly a religious freedom issue?


Cause and Effect

March, 2017

And there shall be wailing and lamentation in the land” might sound biblical or like something out of the faux reality conjured up in The...

Back to the Future

December, 2016

Hard to believe that it’s been 500 years since the Reformation! Or at least since the central, defining acts of Martin Luther, who became the poster boy...

No King But Jesus

October, 2016

What a difference a decade and a half and a war on terror have wrought!

Re-Up the Contract

September, 2016

For years we’ve been told that Europe is secular—postmodern, godless, and even indifferent to religion. I never bought the narrative. To me the...

May Our Tribe Increase

July, 2016

People of a certain age, and I include myself, still have problems with body tattoos and various piercings. People of a certain provenance, and I include myself, remember seeing this sort of thing on newsreel footage of cannibals in New Guinea. To see it now makes me wonder again about the real meaning of the phenomenon.

The King of Plains

May, 2016

he biblical book of Daniel tells a tale from the times of the Babylonian Empire under Nebuchadnezzar the Great. Babylon today is a pile of ruins about...

Justice and the Law

March, 2016

He was pugnacious. He was opinionated. He was humorous, but dangerous when provoked. And he had become an institution in himself.{image_1} I’m talking,...

Wars and Rumors

January, 2016

We need to watch this phase of modern warfare very closely, precisely because it is so loaded with faith imperatives: jihad, caliphate, Christian nation, exceptionalism, Western values, Promised Land, manifest destiny, and the constant invocation of good and evil.

Behold the Man

December, 2015

I was happy to see the pope treated with such dignity, even as I was uncomfortable at any religious leader being given a political pulpit.

If My People

September, 2015

It was the Elizabethan poet Thomas Dekker who wrote of the “merry month of May.” And so it must have seemed to some living during what his society...

Liberty Sentinels and Monuments To Freedom

July, 2015

The other day, as I passed by the nicely framed pictures of the ten Liberty editors from 1906 to the present, an inner voice suddenly brought me up with a simple, yet profound thought. There really should be eleven! Yes, what about Alonzo T. Jones?

A Time of Fire

May, 2015

These are challenging times, but times of opportunity at the same time. People want to think for themselves; not just what they are spoon-fed.

Groundhog Day, Again

March, 2015

History for some is a matter of personal convenience, undisturbed by reality.

Bad Faith

January, 2015

It is hard to find anyone unashamedly opposed to religious liberty. It is becoming even harder to find that rare person who understands the principle at...

Beginning of the End

November, 2014

We must not fall for the claim of the many false prophets in the different radical forms of faith that violence or force is no answer at all.

Off With Their Heads

September, 2014

Religious freedom has never been more needed than now. The fleeing columns of Christian refugees attest to its lack.

Getting That Old-Time Religion

July, 2014

We should challenge any effort to insert religious compulsion into the matter of statecraft.

Existential Threat

May, 2014

Religious liberty is that most precious commodity; but one that is the most easily skewed from conscience to privilege, to entitlement, to demand upon other.

Beyond the 10/40 Window

November, 2013

Whenever religious freedom in the world is discussed today, it is hard to avoid the lack of freedom in the so-called 10/40 window world.

Fire in the Streets

September, 2013

Hundreds Dead After Street Clashes in Cairo.” Headlines such as that are attention-grabbers. Not only is it shocking to hear of so many lives lost...

Not It At All

July, 2013

Religious liberty means so many different things to so many different people.

Civil and Religious Rights

April, 2013

This issue of liberty deals with the great heritage of civil and religious freedom. It didn’t come easy—it was a “battle.” 

No Country For Old Men

March, 2013

After the shock of September 11, 2001, it would seem that a certain numbness of sensibility has allowed the world to absorb a succession of otherwise near apocalyptic events.

Looking Ahead

January, 2013

So often in the past we have called upon the “guardians” of the American experiment for their advice on what they meant by such things as democracy, freedom, and religious liberty.

A Nation Committed to Religious Freedom

November, 2012

Liberty editor Lincoln Steed interviewed Canadian Foreign Minister Baird after his dinner presentation

Earth and Sky

November, 2012


An Act of Faith

September, 2012


Two Different Worlds

July, 2012

Seventh IRLA World Congress Embodies Paradigm Shift

Democracy Wall

July, 2012


Showing The Flag

May, 2012


Hands Off!

March, 2012

Under new health-care insurance requirements, church-run hospitals might be required to provide employees with insurance coverage for contraception! Roman Catholic hospitals were objecting that this denied their rights of religious freedom.

Hands Off!

March, 2012


Freedom and Other Words

January, 2012


The Story of a Life

November, 2011


Blink, Blink, Gone

September, 2011


Peace At Any Price

July, 2011


Global Warning

May, 2011


Beware When All Speak Well of You

March, 2011


Integral History

January, 2011

There are a myriad powerful forces working to push our world on to change and crisis -- a myriad interconnecting tendrils of "future shock."

Leading for Freedom

November, 2010

An interview with Ted N.C. Wilson, the world president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Kingdom Time

November, 2010


Talk of Many Things

September, 2010


Faith in World’s Newest State

July, 2010

  This country belongs to all of us,” affirmed President José Ramos-Horta of East Timor, adding with a smile, “Heaven, of course,...

At Least We Have Prayer

July, 2010


As to War

May, 2010



March, 2010

This particular global religious snowstorm might easily render constitutional snowplows ineffective.

Liberty for All

January, 2010

7th Annual Religious Liberty Dinner

Bull in the China Shop

January, 2010


Gods and Generals

November, 2009

Old World/New World disparity can be as different as treasured paintings on a crumbling church wall in Florence, Italy, and bulldozers leveling yet another...

Oh Columbus

September, 2009

Nothing so defines the modern capital of the Dominican Republic as the Columbus monument, which dominates a hill just above Santo Domingo. Its soaring...

A Matter of History

September, 2009

I am writing this editorial while on vacation in France. More specifically it was written in the guest room of the chateau my wife discovered on the...

Not A Pretty Picture

July, 2009

What image do you put on the cover of a magazine like Liberty? We do put a lot of thought into what article to feature and what artist to assign the...

Change You Can Believe In

May, 2009

A few weeks ago a fellow religious liberty activist and I exchanged words on the topic of California

Very Public Prayers

March, 2009


The Summum of All Fears

January, 2009


Changing Times

November, 2008

Change: how's that for a politically charged title? In your eye, lawyers who might say that Liberty can't speak to political issues! Especially...

Something Borrowed, Somthing Blue

September, 2008

It says something about the blossoming relationship between the once firmly Protestant United States and the Holy see that on pope Benedict XVI's first...

All Our Children

July, 2008

A few years ago, before the Iron Curtain/Berlin Wall collapsed, I visited Communist Bulgaria with my father and our family. Oh, might as well come...

A New Look For Liberty

May, 2008

It is shocking to discover that one of the longest running offices of the Inquisition was in Lima, Peru. The New World was early tainted by the horrors of...

The Man on the White Horse!

March, 2008

Time for the cavalry? Since 9/11 it seems we've been living out a darker model of action. Sort of like the ill-famed charge of the Light Brigade in the...

The Dinosaur of Fundamentalism

January, 2008

A few days ago I went with my two children on a school outing to the Science Museum at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Kids love science—or at least...

The Point of Vanishing Interest

November, 2007

Oh, I admit it—my sense of humor sometimes runs to the ironic. And I blame my Australian origins for sometimes getting pleasure out of sarcasm...

Faith Talk

September, 2007

The election of 2008 promises to be a historic one for a number of reasons. The campaign itself has set a record of sorts by starting so early. The...

Matters of Faith

July, 2007

What is faith? What is religion? These questions are not as easily answered as you think. Faith—Jesus told His disciples that there would not be...

Freedom Wings

May, 2007

Benjamin Franklin knew a lot about kites and electricity. And he wrote enough pithy sayings to forever confuse them in the mind of the Biblical speed...

Round Table For Religion

March, 2007

Rome has long cultivated an image as a gathering point for religious power. And of course that power at times has been biased toward a single...

Much Ado About Something

March, 2007

On September 12, 2006, Pope Benedict XVI provided what could easily be described as the most important speech of the twenty-first century. To an audience...

The True Believer

March, 2007

The other day I listened spellbound to an interview with Alvin Toeffler, author of the seminal book "Future Shock." It does seem that we are living...

Tempting Fate

January, 2007

Way back when we first heard the war drums for an invasion of Iraq, I had an interesting email exchange with a nationally known television pundit who...

Present Christ

November, 2006

Behind the lectern and the platform seating area of the little Seventh-day Adventist church in Debary, Florida, is a quite striking stained glass...

The Tragic Flaw

September, 2006

Just a few days ago I walked alongside my father as hospital orderlies wheeled him into the operating room for rather serious surgery*. He had been...

The Ten Commandments Code

July, 2006

Well, at least the title caught your attention—a sure thing at a time when everything seems saturated with talk of the Da Vinci Code. Of course...

Then God…

May, 2006

Children seem to have an innate fascination with dinosaurs. I know this from my days as a book editor. Children's books on, about or illustrated with...

Robert’s Rules

March, 2006

Has order been restored to the Supreme Court with the appointment of legal wunderkind John Roberts, and Samuel Alito an associate justice? After talk of the Nuclear Option, his easy confirmation seemed like the end of the cold war. The relatively collegia

Freedom and Tolerance

March, 2006

Does religion promote freedom and tolerance? It is a question that might be asked by any observer of the rioting that has followed publication of cartoons in Denmark that offend Muslims worldwide.

Coming up for Air

January, 2006

In so many ways we seem at the flood stage of late. The December 2004 Tsunami gave reality to a global fear of an insatiable ocean intent on creating...

After the Tsunami

November, 2005

Only weeks after the ravages of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Liberty editor Lincoln Steed visited Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, countries with significant damage and loss of life. While he did see some of the devastation firsthand, and heard eyewitn


November, 2005

I know that many Christians were startled recently to hear televangelist Pat Robertson call for the elimination/assassination of President Chavez of Venezuela. Astute political observers know that such an idea is not exactly off the table: indeed; it was

Holy Men

September, 2005

As we have been told innumerable times since September 11, 2001, "We are at war." If you read most any newspaper most any day you will read tales of...

Critical Mass

July, 2005

There is a surreal aspect to many of the events in our world of late. So many changes. So many alarms and threats. "The old order changeth," but what is to come?

Finding Sinai

May, 2005

According to the narrative in Exodus, Moses came down from Mount Sinai with two tablets of stone engraved by the finger of God Himself. The words on the stone were a visualization of the words that God had previously thundered out to the multitude gathere

The Next Wave

March, 2005

The wave first appeared as a dark shadow on the horizon that separates open sky from the deep. As it came closer some noticed that water levels on the...

Moral Values

January, 2005

Can it really be so long since the U.S. presidential elections? What, all of two months! The attack rhetoric is all gone now and, uninterrupted by paid political ads, television programming is back to the usual numbing flicker. It's jingle bells and Auld

Faith in Politics

November, 2004

Henry David Thoreau once remarked on the "great flapping ear" of the American public wanting to know everything about everything. And, in spite of the...

Behind Closed Doors

September, 2004

There are people who might argue that a discussion of the same-sex marriage issue does not belong in Liberty magazine–a journal devoted to the...

A Chaplain to the Senate

July, 2004

A conversation between Senate Chaplain Barry Black and Liberty editor Lincoln Steed.

Divided By Religion

May, 2004

As our jet descended rather noisily through thin cloud cover toward Ambon airport in the Maluku province of Indonesia, what we saw suggested a tropical paradise.

Editorial - God, Country, and the Justices

May, 2004

In the public library with my children recently I spotted a DVD version of Gods and Generals. I've long had an interest in history—it was for a time...

Editorial - A Divine Imperative

March, 2004

They brought Jesus before the Roman Governor in the great judgment hall early Friday morning. Before the end of that same day Jesus would be nailed...

Written In The Heart

January, 2004

Those who study human behavior as a science often comment on the destructive power of guilt. Unresolved guilt can destroy self-respect and create dangerous pathologies.

Editorial - Executive Summary

November, 2003

This morning I unpacked my latest cell phone and tried to turn it on. And tried and tried. To no avail! I pushed every likely button in hopes of getting power up. I even read the summary sheet for start-up. It was cryptic and unhelpful. Finally I called t

Editorial - Access Denied

September, 2003

Like any parent, I want the best for my children. I want to give them every opportunity our society and my means can provide. I want to protect them from harm and insult, which often carries greater harm than a bruising tumble. I want them to have high va

Editorial - Body and Spirit

July, 2003

Way back in the wobbly days before the operation to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein I read a rather confident essay by a nationally syndicated columnist: a...

Liberty Celebrated on Capitol Hill

July, 2003

The United States Senate caucus room is the sort of marble-floored, wood-paneled location one associates with events of great moment. Indeed, it was from this room that John F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the presidency; it was in this room that t

Editorial-Religious Wars

May, 2003

My title should be an oxymoron. Most religions, based on the spiritual well-being and eternal security of the individual as they tend to be, decry...


March, 2003

Where we will be when you read these words I cannot quite say. It was not lightly that we chose to banner "war and peace" on the cover of this issue. Of course that bannering relates to the personal moral dilemma faith and patriotism can create in times o

Editorial - Just War

January, 2003

Christian militarism surely cannot derive from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught peace and nonviolence–and indeed, a certain disinterest in secular state matters. At His arrest His disciple Peter seized a sword and struck out at a Temple g

Editorial - For Such a Time as This

November, 2002

Since 9/11 2001 we have each been caught up in the sense of crisis, a world in jeopardy, and the forces of history turning once again. Here in North America we live in the knowledge that our towers of invulnerability have fallen...they were always vulnera


July, 2002

Monday, July 16, 2001 12:00 noon: I'm at the U.S. Capitol to sit in on a press briefing in room H-157. Usually I take the Metro from our...

By the People

May, 2002

By the People By Lincoln E. Steed At first I thought the interview on BBC Shortwave radio was with an official of then imploding Zimbabwe regime in...

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