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Freedom Heroes Honored

September, 2006

More than a capacity audience jammed the historic Senate Caucus Room, part of the U.S. Capitol complex, May 4, 2006, to honor religious freedom and give...

Why Not Support Isreal?

September, 2006

With all the sincerity of that recent box-office superstar, Chicken Little, Abraham D. Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith came out...

God and Country

January, 2006

It's a brave—though some might instead say unwise—individual who chooses to resist the might and authority of the United States Marine...

Honoring Liberty

September, 2005

Part of the guest group at the 2005 Religious Liberty Awards Banquet in the Russell Senate Caucus Room Religious...

Fragile Religious Freedom

January, 2005

Jerusalem. It is refreshing – yet unsettling – to be a Sabbathkeeper in the capital of Israel, clearly one of the most Sabbath-observant nations on earth. As these words are written, I'm wrapping up a week in the land that is sacred to Judais

To Honor and Defend

July, 2004

Close to 200 people attended the annual Religious Liberty Awards Banquet sponsored by Liberty magazine and the International Religious Liberty...

Can a Book Harm Religious Freedom?

March, 2004

The question has an almost obvious answer: Yes, a book can, given enough circulation and acceptance, harm religious freedom. Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf,...

A Jailhouse Conversion

September, 2003

At first it seems ironic, if not downright ridiculous: a federal lawsuit seeks to block funding of an Iowa prison program that in Texas has resulted in a nearly two-thirds decrease in the recidivism rate of released convicts.

A Violation Of Faith

September, 2002

The continuing battle over California's Women's Contraceptive Equity Act, or WCEA, is not only due to occupy part of that state's supreme court calendar this fall, but also highlights the continuing tensions between the free exercise of religion and gover

Which Judeo-Christian Tradition?

November, 1999

Many of those who believe the government should take on the task of promoting Christian morality are focusing their attention on the public schools. And...

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