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Martin Surridge has a background in teaching English. He is an associate editor of ReligiousLiberty.TV, an independent news Web site. He writes from Calhoun, Georgia.


The River Jordan is Deep and Wide

May, 2016

Freedom themes in Mark Twain’s coming of age stories.

Thou Mayest

December, 2015

East of Eden and Steinbeck's discovery of liberty in Scripture.

Revolution and Redemption

March, 2015

During an era when the British Empire had spread its influence to all corners of the globe, lining their pockets with wealth and ancient artifacts, it is perhaps comic retribution that one of Britain’s most enduring imperial-era legacies in Central America is what we remember from a bumbling English novelist and failed spy.

The Terrorist, the Herdsman, the Emir, and the Bishop

November, 2014

Religious Liberty in Nigeria

Clause and Effect

March, 2014

Charles Pinckney, Religious Liberty, and the United States Constitution.


November, 2013

The historical and religious legacy of the Salem witch trials in America.

The Firebrand

July, 2013

The Complex Legacy of Girolamo Savonarola

Liberty in “Paradise”

March, 2013

How can the noblest of political arguments be made by the prince of darkness, especially when one discovers that the despotic dictator in this story is none other than God the Father?

Inside Interfaith Iran

September, 2012

For the past few months the eyes of the believers around the world have been fixed on an Iranian death row "apostate" who has refused to recant his faith...

Looking to History

July, 2012

Mitt Romney, the Iowa Caucus, and the Mormon Extermination Order of 1838

“Do We Not Bleed?”

July, 2012

Religion in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

Afghanistan: The Land That Freedom Forgot

November, 2011

The sound and smell of motorcycles roaring down a street in Kandahar must have overwhelmed 16-year-old Atifa in the moments before the attack. Before she...

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