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Michael D. Peabody is an attorney in Los Angeles, California. He has practiced in the fields of workers compensation and employment law, including workplace discrimination and wrongful termination. He is a frequent contributor to Liberty magazine and editsReligiousLiberty.TV, an independent website dedicated to celebrating liberty of conscience. Mr. Peabody is a favorite guest on Liberty’s weekly radio show, “Lifequest Liberty.”


By What Authority?

March, 2013

The threat to Americans is the encroachment of laws, such as the NDAA which could allow innocent citizens to be tagged as terrorists, be stripped of Constitutional rights such as a speedy trial, and be thrown into prison indefinitely without opportunity to be represented by attorneys or to appeal their cases.

Obama Administration Changes Its Approach to the Defense of Marriage Act

February, 2013

Arguing against same-sex marriage in a legal manner in the courts is very difficult, as seen in the Proposition 8 Federal trial in California where opponents of the ban presented 8 witnesses and the proponents presented only 2, both of whom had previously publicly stated arguments in opposition to their testimony on the stand. Further, and more importantly, bans on same-sex marriage are difficult to defend without sucking other rights into the vortex.

Possible Scenarios for post-Mubarak Egypt

February, 2013

The current situation appears to be driven by protesters’ concerns over economic insecurity even more so than a religious dispute,  although the society that is forged in these fires will have elements of economics, culture, and faith shaped by centuries of Egyptian history.

Church Should Not Be a Political Mouthpiece

January, 2013

As it now stands, churches and charities are welcome to speak truth to power on the issues that matter - from opposing human trafficking, to lobbying for workplace accommodation for religious employees, to pursuing justice. Religious organizations just cannot support or oppose particular candidates or political parties. This is a good thing.

Lost in the Shuffle

December, 2011

The USCIRF should be continued – it has an important function as a monitor of international religious freedom, but as long as the State Department is also engaged in its fundamental duty of protecting the interests of the United States above those of any other nation, it will not be able to fulfill its complete charter of recommending direct action against hostile countries without facing a great deal of suspicion of either diplomatic or religious mission.

Speak Now

July, 2011

The proposal of the European Sunday Alliance presents several problems - instead of recognizing liberty of conscience in these issues, it would rely on the majority opinion that Sunday is the appropriate day of rest to shut down Sunday commerce and in the process would ignore and marginalize the rights of those who observe a different day.

A Stronger Constitution for All of Us

March, 2011

It is not inconceivable that a precedent such as that created by an opposite to the Phelps decision would institute a firestorm of lawsuits against houses of worship across America, by money hungry "offended" plaintiffs seeking millions of dollars from the supposed deep pockets of denominations, and drown congregations in legal fees.


A Kept People

May, 2016

Story of the World War II internment of Japanese Americans.

Marriage Proceedings

November, 2013

Making sense of Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage.

A Faithful Nation

July, 2012

In August 2008 Rick Santorum gave a speech to students at Ave Maria University, a Catholic institution, in Florida. More than anything, Santorum reminded...

The Right Thing

March, 2011

On April 1, 2010, Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski signed HB 3686 into law, overturning an 87-year-old state statute that barred teachers from wearing...

Watch His Conscience

July, 2010

The date was June 5, 1917, the first day of the draft. Sousa’s Band struck up “Stars and Stripes Forever” and the 6,000 in attendance at...

Thought And Crime

March, 2008

On July 1, 2007, Satendar Singh, a 26-year-old Sikh American was attacked by a group of six men while enjoying an early Independence Day picnic with...

Patriotism, Piety And The Perfect Storm

November, 2007

Smart advertisers understand the value of tapping into the celebrity of famous sports and entertainment figures in order to build instant credibility...

Toward a Medieval Model

March, 2006

Amid all the activity of a turbulent year, many missed the March 3, 2005, filing of the Constitution Restoration Act of 2005 (CRA) in both houses of Congress (S. 520 and H.R. 1070). If enacted, the CRA would effectively turn the United States into a theoc

The Flushing Remonstrance

November, 2005

The steel-and-glass skyline of Manhattan still soars toward the heavens with the confidence of a people born free. But the cradle of this freedom is...

Student Clubs and Rights

May, 2002

Student Clubs and Rights By Michael D. Peabody The school's policy seemed clear enough—student clubs receiving funds through Utah Valley State...

The Lure of School Vouchers

July, 2000

There's nothing like the excitement surrounding the first day of school-it's an American tradition. Across the nation, millions of students enter a new...

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