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July, 2015

Is this Religious Freedom Restoration Act really that significant? Will it make that big a difference?

The Lady and the Mill

July, 2008

Supreme Court cases of great import often involve unexpected, almost plebeian, subjects. In the area of interstate commerce, it was milk, and the...

Letter From Baghdad

January, 2004

emember all those pictures of Iraq you've seen on TV? Believe most of it, but not all. A few things are better than reported; some others are a lot worse. Very little here is normal. Iraq is hot, dirty, hot, chaotic, hot, stressful, hot, dangerous&mdas

Care For Your Rites

January, 2002

You go to court and establish a point of law. It’s a done deal, right? Surely you don't have to keep going back to court to establish the same point. If only it were that simple. Let me tell you about a point of law established in 1963 by the United

The Case of the Conscientious Policeman

March, 2000

Chris Carter was a state policeman-a very good one. He has a sheaf of commendations, awards, and positive media coverage an inch thick. Obviously, he was...

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