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Nicholas Miller, Ph.D., is an attorney and associate professor of church history at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. He is the author of the The Religious Roots of the First Amendment (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012), which more fully develops the theme of this article.


Human Dignity

March, 2017

Connecting the Reformation to the civil rights movement.

A Man for All Seasons: Remembering Attorney Lee Boothby

May, 2015

He was faithful not just to his legal calling, but to a higher calling that he had obviously been given from above.

Religion Is Not a Hobby

September, 2014

The Supreme Court Rules on Obama Care and Contraception

Is Religion a Hobby?

July, 2014

Nicholas P. Miller discusses the ongoing saga of Holby Lobby versus "Obamacare."

America’s Founding Protestant Philosophy

January, 2014

The public discussion of religion and religious freedom is generally dominated by two increasingly polarized viewpoints.

A Secular Threat

September, 2012

Recent events in America have shown that a strong secularism can lead to clashes with religious freedom. This, however, is not a new occurrence in the...

The Revolutionary

July, 2007

Scholars have long argued the extent of Luther's influence on the outbreak of revolution among the German peasants in 1524-1525. Those who would give him...

The Scripturally Informed Conscience

May, 2007

The road from the Protestant Reformation to the religious freedom of the American republic was full of unexpected turns, switchbacks, and delays. The...

What kind of liberty?

March, 2006

It was the "momentous question" that "awakened" and "terrified" Thomas Jefferson, like a "fire bell in the night." Jefferson considered it the "knell of the union." The "question" at issue was ostensibly that of slavery. Jefferson wrote about his nocturna

A Populist Religious Movement

March, 2006

Stories of religious disestablishment in America usually revolve around discussion of the origins and meaning of the establishment clause of the federal Constitution. But the story of disestablishment, at least in the early Republic, was much more a state

Tax-Tutored Theologians - Part I

March, 2004

What is the cost of discipleship? It cost Joshua Davey $2,500 when he decided to declare a major in pastoral studies.

Cults in the Crossfire

March, 2001

Most people believe they know a cult when they see one. Do you? Can you pick the cult out of the description of the following three religious group? A...

Home Schooling and the Law

January, 2000

Somehow a reporter from a local paper found out about my mother's decision. And that was when I found out the terrible truth--I was living with a...

Home Schooling and the Law

November, 1999

Somehow a reporter from a local paper found out about my mother's decision. And that was when I found out the terrible truth--I was living with a criminal....

Rethinking Prisoner RFRA Exemptions

July, 1998

First, religious liberty is a human right. The Declaration of Independence envisions the rights of humanity as a gift from God and as preceding the...


July, 1998

What do a Jewish home synagogue, a Baptist minister, and a federal prisoner have in common? All among the first to be hurt by the demise of the federal...

Germany and the “Sects”

January, 1998

The Jehovah's Witnesses The Jehovah's Witnesses--who had already faced persecution by a previous German administration (1933-1945)--report problems in...

Cults and Psycho Groups

January, 1998

Sometimes it has to happen to a celebrity before the world pays attention. In 1993 acclaimed American Jazz pianist Chick Corea was disinvited from a...

The Price of Faith

March, 1997

In May 1991 a rental car that Gwendolyn Robbins' father was driving in upstate New York skidded, plunged down an embankment, and overturned. Both her...

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