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Reuel Amdur writes from Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada. 


Where the Rubber Meets the Road

December, 2016

Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Missouri, runs a licensed preschool and day-care program. This program includes religious teaching. There is...

How Tolerant Is Islam?

October, 2016

A serious look at the history and practice of Islamic interaction with other religions.

‚ÄčThinking About Liberty

July, 2016

It is right to be concerned about the rise of religious fear in the United States. Of course that goes in spades for Europe. Fear can be displaced from one thing to another, so that nervousness about the economy can be transferred to a scapegoat group—people of another religion or nationality, for example. While fear is essential for biological security, it needs guiding principles in social matters—grief, sympathy, and accurate knowledge.

Thinking About Liberty

July, 2016

An analysis of the vision of religious freedom put forward by American philosopher and author Martha Nussbaum.

Much Ado About a Little Covering

May, 2016

The Muslim head covering debate continues in Canada.

Terrorism in Canada

December, 2015

Continuing violent threats to liberty north of the border.

Ghosts of the Past

July, 2015

Native spirituality under attack.

Ron Carelli and the Duplessis Affair

March, 2015

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been victims of persecution in many countries, Canada and the United States among them.

Holy Land Blues

March, 2014

In the hostile atmosphere of Israel/Palestine, liberty and tolerance are losers all around, and religion is part of the unpleasant mix.

Quebec Government Seeks Dress Code

January, 2014

Quebec seems to be copying recent moves in France toward laicity with new proposal to ban the wearing of religious symbols.

Myanmar Deprives Rohingyas of Their Rights

July, 2013

The prejudice against the Rohingya people runs deep, leaving them with few supporters in Myanmar.

Pain in Shangri-la

July, 2012

Shangri-la is a mythical land of peace and contentment supposedly found somewhere near Tibet, Nepal, and tiny little Bhutan. Actually Shangri-la is the...

Anguish and Anger

May, 2011

The turmoil in Egypt has led to the spilling of considerable quantities of ink and blood since it all started on January 25. The regime of Hosni Mubarak is...

A Mosque Too Close?

January, 2011

The controversy over the so-called Ground Zero mosque in New York City in some ways demonstrates a failure of leadership.

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