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Sonja DeWitt is a lawyer with over ten years of experience handling cases of discrimination, including religious discrimination cases. She has been involved with religious liberty issues for several years and has assisted in the efforts to pass the Workplace Religious Freedom Act, including meeting with the staffs of multiple members of Congress, organizing an interfaith lobbying effort, writing legal briefs and organizing religious liberty activities at her local church. She has received the A.T. Jones Award from the North American Religious Liberty Association for her work with religious liberty, and has been published in Liberty Magazine. She currently works in the Civil Rights Division of a federal agency.


New Social Order?

April, 2013

History has shown that where there are religious rights, all other rights thrive as well and that where they are denied, other rights are inevitably suppressed. Is this perhaps a golden opportunity for the Muslim majority to reclaim the traditional Muslim respect for all “People of the Book” (i.e., Christians and Jews)?


An American Agenda

November, 2005

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall," wrote the famous New England poet Robert Frost. Certainly that is an apt description of the attitude many fundamentalist Christians have developed toward the "wall of separation" between church and state. Man

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