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July 22 2010 by Lincoln E. Steed

Regular readers of Liberty might be interested to know of an upcoming interview in the Nov/Dec issue. A few days ago I sat down with Dr. Ted Wilson the newly elected world president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was elected by an overwhelming majority of the delegates at the church's General Conference Session in Atlanta Georgia, at the end of June--the "GC Session" is an every 5 year event--and this year drew 70,000 attendees on the weekend.

A few days after the election I caught Dr. Wilson alone in his old office at the church headqarters and suggested the interview for Liberty. It was before the new duties of office had fully caught up with him and he readily agreed. The interview went well and even included us videotaping a sequence we will use to promote Liberty to the many SDAs who support the magazine.

A major reason why I wanted to interview the new president had everything to do with history and heritage. The new president is, as I reminded him during the interview. very much a "child of the church." He grew up in an Adventist mission family, his father being posted in Cairo and Beirut, before returning to the US to lead the church there, and ultimately serve the church as world president. When I came from Australia as a teenager, Ted and many other sons and daughters of church leaders attended the same academy in Takoma Park, Maryland. Ted went on to serve his church not only in the US but in Africa and Russia. He knows the history and mission of the church which began Liberty magazine and the propehtic impulse which he sees as still lying behing our proclaimation of religious freedom for all.

Most Adventist know our religious liberty story only indirectly by way of enduring tales of an attempt to revive the church at one of its world General Conferences in 1888. The revivalist was Alonzo Jones, the editor of the precursor to Liberty. It was his take on the prophetic developments on the religious liberty front which led him to see the neccessity of revival.

Dr. Wilson is deeply convinced of the importance of the church remaining true to its historic particulars. He is a strong supporter of our religious liberty imperative. And he is an advocate for true, heartfelt revival. It seems only natural that Liberty interview him at the beginning of his elected five year term.

Author: Lincoln E. Steed

Lincoln E. Steed is the editor of Liberty magazine, a 200,000 circulation religious liberty journal which is distributed to political leaders, judiciary, lawyers and other thought leaders in North America. He is additionally the host of the weekly 3ABN television show "The Liberty Insider," and the radio program "Lifequest Liberty."

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