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January 21 2010 by Lincoln E. Steed

Regular Liberty supporters/readers know that we pretty much have to reinvent ourselves financially every year. In particular, the weekend of January 23 is a key moment to show your support. Liberty is of course dedicated to a general audience in projecting universal values of religious freedom. It is a matter of history and a natural outgrowth of a doctrinal worldview that Seventh-day Adventists first concieved of such a magazine--one that would reach out to "thought leaders" in the community. Of course that includes not only national leaders in Washington, DC, but local community figures and YOU.

Every January we send out very targeted information packages to all Adventist churches in North America, asking them to fund us for another year. But that can never be enough. We advertise in a number of regional publications. But that can never get the word out to all. We run regular radio spots on religious networks and on Sirius radio, for example. More can become involved this way. I have recorded a half hour message that is going to be broadcast January 23 on Hope TV Network. I pray that it moves more to join with us. In the days immediately following, I expect many to see a special "3ABN Today" show that I will be filming January 26 for the Three Angels Broadcasting television network. They will also be airing my religious liberty-oriented devotional message on January 30. And of course there is our regular weekly "Liberty Insider" on 3ABN.

Please help us spread the word about Liberty and what we are doing!

Liberty is read by some very significant figures in the public sere. A U.S. President told me he often read Liberty. A U. S. Senator told me to keep up our good work. A Governor gladly wrote for us not too long ago. A Lt Governor begged us to run a story that I could not. I get calls from lawyers, mayors and others commending us for taking the lead in issues of religious freedom. I've had more than one law professor tell me they use Liberty as a resource in class. I've even had a letter from a politican crediting Liberty with shaping their views enough to produce a particular legislative outcome!

And it's done for only $7.95 a year--barely above milkshake pricing! It's a small indulgence anyone who value freedom should take. If you are moved to help us--and of course help yourself and society in the process--the subscription section of the website gives information on how to do so. Thanks.

I intend to jump in here on the web blog more often as the promotional round eases off. There is much to share! In not too many weeks I expect to be in East Timor--a place of ongoing political and religious turmoil. There'll be news to tell, I'm sure. This is a crazy world--at once on the move, but at the same time regressing to the intolerance of eqarlier ages. Religion is the story of the hour, and it is often one of conflict and conquest. As I have said before, there is way too much religion in the world, and far too little spirituality. We need to work toward freedom of religion from its social and historical inhibition. We need to see religious liberty as a God-given absolute. And its practice as an inner obligation and good new for all mankind.

Author: Lincoln E. Steed

Lincoln E. Steed is the editor of Liberty magazine, a 200,000 circulation religious liberty journal which is distributed to political leaders, judiciary, lawyers and other thought leaders in North America. He is additionally the host of the weekly 3ABN television show "The Liberty Insider," and the radio program "Lifequest Liberty."

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