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September/October 2015 Issue

If My People

It was the Elizabethan poet Thomas Dekker who wrote of the “merry month of May.” And so it must have seemed to some living...

If the Cap Fits

A question of head covering and employment

RFRA Again

Why Indiana became a flash point for religious liberty.

Be Heard Project Models Success

Sometimes success is a matter of a well thought out plan: just ask the ACLJ.

Walking the Line On Religion

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush tackles the "vision thing" of religious liberty.

Identity Clash

A statement of faith by an archbishop creates community conflict.

Breaking the Covenant

A Canadian Christian law school discovers that its principles have a cost.

God and Government

Tracing a secular crusade.

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Editor's Blog

Papal Encyclical on the Environment

September 28 2015

I write this after the release of the Papal encyclical on the environment but before Pope Francis’s September visit which is to include addresses to the U.S. Congress and the United Nations. We at Liberty, and all who value the resources our Creator has given us, applaud the document and that part of it which represents a “non-partisan” respect for the environment. However, I note the injection of a holy day into the discussion.

Here I Stand

September 14 2015

The case of Kim Davis, clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, has hit the big-time with her imprisonment and then release to appear before an exultant crowd with presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee by her side. Is she a Joan of Arc here to save the Republic for God or a zealot ready to incite to rebellion?

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U.S. Drone Strikes Against American Citizens?

Is this exertion of executive power merely typical of contemporary civil rights & due process, or is it, as Senator Paul suggests, "an affront to the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans."

Is The 1954 Johnson Amendment Constitutional?

In 1954 Congress passed the Johnson Amendment (prepared by Lyndon Johnson) which said that non-profits (including churches) could not speak in favor of political candidates. Is this constitutional?

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Lincoln E Steed on set of the Liberty Insider

Liberty Insider TV Series

Hosted by Liberty editor Lincoln Steed, each half hour episode of "Liberty Insider" examines a contemporary news item, proposed piece of legislation, or international event and its religious liberty implications.

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End Time Promoter

September 17 2015

It’s a common question asked by many Christians. “If the world is going to end anyway, should I help the process along?” Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, suggests that we all can and should be a part of the “End Time.”

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