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The Effect of Prophecy on American Politics… The End of Time?

The title antiChrist has been applied by some to various emperors and popes of the Middle Ages, Napoleon III of France, Hitler, Mussolini, Apollo...

The State of Religious Liberty

This article has become the cornerstone of the international instruments defending religious freedom. In the General Comment we read: "The fundamental...

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In the contest that is being waged in this country for the preservation of the rights of conscience, the point has been reached where a special organ is...

Home Schooling and the Law

Somehow a reporter from a local paper found out about my mother's decision. And that was when I found out the terrible truth--I was living with a...

The Nexus of Human Rights

The twentieth century has traveled under many names: such as the American century, the space age, the century of democracy, of ecumenism, of the United...


Cassie Bernall was a Columbine High School student, shot to death by another Columbine High School student in one of this country's worst school shootings....

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