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No Sects, Please; We’re French

French antisect politicians and activists want to lead a world crusade against “dangerous” or “potentially dangerous” religious groups. They have no legal definition of the word sect, which is terribly confusing, but they agree to use


Look to the Walls I notice many polls these days regarding the posting of the Ten Commandments in schools. Recently I voted in the affirmative...

Winds of Change

And the bombing continues. And we begin to fear everything from anthrax in the air to the omnipresent bogeyman, so easily conjured up from the repressed fears of childhood. And are we still free?

Liberty Briefs

Indonesia: Protesters Demand Islamic Law Hundreds of protesters in Jakarta staged a demonstration calling for the Islamic Sharia law to be imposed on...

Canadian Conundrum

The Charter turns on Christian values.

Care For Your Rites

You go to court and establish a point of law. It’s a done deal, right? Surely you don't have to keep going back to court to establish the same point. If only it were that simple. Let me tell you about a point of law established in 1963 by the United

Home-Grown Intolerance in France

The countries of Western Europe are America's historic partners in terms of shared commitment to democracy and human rights. But even in Western Europe we are observing new and subtle forms of religious discrimination. The bill enacted by the French gover

The Hijacking of Religion

How religious beliefs are exploited for policital and secular ends.

For God and Country

One Man's Battle to Reconcile Faith & Military Service

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