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Sacked for the Seventh

In the United States of America we often use slogans such as "truth, justice, and the American way" (last phrase in the opener for the 1950s television show ) and "with liberty and justice for all" (the closing phrase of the Pledge of Allegiance). These i

Sex, Lies And Ethics

Hardball litigation tactics are neither new nor particularly newsworthy—except when the aggressive litigant claims to represent God on earth. That scenario has driven the recent spate of articles commenting on the Catholic Church's increasingly ba

The Glorious 108th

The beginning of a new Congress is somewhat like the birth of a new baby. Like a child, the new Congress is born with the burden of history sitting fairly across its shoulders, it has much of the DNA of the preceding Congress, and it operates in much the

French - Anti-Sect Policy Shifting?

France has been the leader of a very restrictive policy against sects and cults for several years. One man has illustrated this better than anyone else: Alain Vivien!

Render Unto Caesar

Religion squared off with consumerism in Cypress, California, last May when the Cypress City Council voted unanimously to seize, through use of the city's power of eminent domain, 18 acres of land owned by the Cottonwood Christian Center in order to build

Sabbath Laws and Early Church

Illustration by Ralph Butler In A.D. 135, at the end of the Jewish rebellion against Roman domination, the emperor...

Editorial - Just War

Christian militarism surely cannot derive from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught peace and nonviolence–and indeed, a certain disinterest in secular state matters. At His arrest His disciple Peter seized a sword and struck out at a Temple g


Enabling Laws? I am very concerned, not only with the way our government is enacting "religious liberty" laws, but also the way that some are...

Security And Religious Freedom

The linkage of security and religious freedom is really not that new. In the United States the connection was first made in the 1663 Rhode Island Colonial Charter from England. "They have ffreely declared, that it is much on their hearts . . . to hold fo


A State of Liberty "This Happy State," by Jim Walker (July/August 2002) presents a factual presentation of the intent of America's founders to keep the...

The Constitution in Wartime

An excerpt from an opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, rendered at the time of the Civil War.

The Supreme Court and title vii

In 1995 Don Reed was fired as an air traffic controller when his religious belief about the Saturday Sabbath came into conflict with the dictates of his employer. For several years Reed had been accommodated in his belief that the Sabbath should be kept s

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