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Parousia or Politics?

"As a statement of general principle Romans 13:1-7 has for centuries provided biblical validation for a theology of the state–as the secular arm...

The Need for Eternal Vigilance

Liberty is not offered on the bargain counters—even in the United States, where too many people take it for granted. Too often we give lip...

Moral Values

Can it really be so long since the U.S. presidential elections? What, all of two months! The attack rhetoric is all gone now and, uninterrupted by paid political ads, television programming is back to the usual numbing flicker. It's jingle bells and Auld

A Christian Looks at the American Republic

I know of no form of government that can guarantee my freedom to practice my religious faith ("freedom of religion") except a government that recognizes and honors "transcendent moral truths" These truths must come from a source other than "the people,"

Fragile Religious Freedom

Jerusalem. It is refreshing – yet unsettling – to be a Sabbathkeeper in the capital of Israel, clearly one of the most Sabbath-observant nations on earth. As these words are written, I'm wrapping up a week in the land that is sacred to Judais

Religious Territorialism

A remarkable conflict is under way between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church over the issue of proselytism. It is remarkable...

The Evil of Religious Persecution

A new report from the U.S. State Department reveals that religious persecution around the world is alive and well. The report says Christians routinely...

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