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The Passion of Mel

By now the summer of 2006 has faded into memory, and what a summer it was! First, there was the Israel-Hezbollah war, the foiled Muslim terrorist plot...

Tempting Fate

Way back when we first heard the war drums for an invasion of Iraq, I had an interesting email exchange with a nationally known television pundit who...

Political Power and the Pulpit

The other day I heard something on the car radio that made me think that I had somehow passed through a wormhole and entered into an alternate...

Money And Meanness

This past summer saw the release of a fifth book from radical right-wing author Ann Coulter. Since then, Godless: The Church of Liberalism has probably...

On Guard for Religious Liberty

The Reverend John Leland was not a man to mince words when it comes to religion and politics. Candidates who advertise their personal faith, he insisted,...

The Protocols of Hate

They say Jewish bankers were responsible for putting Hitler in power? Did you know the Jews were behind the Communist conspiracy to subdue the West?...

A Moral Vision

One of the great puzzles to foreign observers of the U.S. political and religious scene is how an overtly religious political movement can flourish in a...

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