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A Global Slaughter of Christians

In the Middle East persecution, torture, and the slaughter of Christians can easily be characterized as the final expulsion of Christians.

Does Religion Poison Everything?

Atheist, Christopher Hitchens was inclined to blame Christianity for most of the world’s problems. Was he right?

Not Your Grandmother’s America

Values and morality are have changed radically in America. The once standard assumption that it was a Christian nation is certainly no longer true.

Ann Lee, A Woman of Great Faith

A retrospective look at the Shaker movement and its religious liberty implications.

Quebec Government Seeks Dress Code

Quebec seems to be copying recent moves in France toward laicity with new proposal to ban the wearing of religious symbols.

The Body of Faith

Religious liberty extends beyond this life! Author, Lauren Peterson, looks at the religious liberty implications of the autopsy process.

America’s Founding Protestant Philosophy

The public discussion of religion and religious freedom is generally dominated by two increasingly polarized viewpoints.

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