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Bad Faith

It is hard to find anyone unashamedly opposed to religious liberty. It is becoming even harder to find that rare person who understands the principle at...

National Religion

This expression has been so often repeated that it begins to have a familiar sound. It is constantly upon the lips of certain classes of professional...

A Question of Law

The principle at play in the Hobby Lobby decision.

Experiments with Empowerment

A review of Robin Wright's Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East (2008).

A Great Miracle Occurred Here

The Maccabees and the fight for religious liberty.

The Devil Is in the Details

Building a Christian state.

Civil Disobedience: A Christian View

In his work Does God Approve of Civil Disobedience? (Sioux City, Iowa: Anchor Publications), scholar Wallace McLaughlin says confidently that “God does...

Menace or Misunderstanding

ISIS actions force nations to examine the religious nature of terrorism.

Genocide in Iraq

The future of ancient Iraq's ancient religious communities

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