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Suspect Class?

Imagine Christian groups that--by religious conviction--are opposed to the practice of homosexuality, yet are nevertheless required to admit practicing...

Rethinking Prisoner RFRA Exemptions

First, religious liberty is a human right. The Declaration of Independence envisions the rights of humanity as a gift from God and as preceding the...


What do a Jewish home synagogue, a Baptist minister, and a federal prisoner have in common? All among the first to be hurt by the demise of the federal...

A Presbyterian Nation, Thank You

Pronouncements that the United States of America is a Christian nation are fascinating. They sprout like mushrooms after a bad rain, especially around...


Russia's Retreat From Religious Liberty On September 26, 1997, Russian Federation president Boris Yeltsin signed the widely publicized and highly...

In Pursuit of a Phantom

Since Everson 1many have asserted that the First Amendment's religion clauses require government to be neutral toward religion. This requirement is not...

As Square a Circle as Possible

This is an appealing, and at first glance a plausible, suggestion. If the analysis of this and the preceding chapter is correct, however, then the proposal...

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