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Television comedian David Letterman always regales his audience with a "top 10 list." They are designed to be funny and often are, although the humor is...

Good Christians, Good Citizens?

What Is a Good Citizen? The continuing American cultural debate on what is good and bad in the body politic again brings up the question that the first...

Op. Cit.

A Warm Fuzzie I read your "Millennium Man" piece and felt that you must be named after Abraham Lincoln since some of the stardust of the Gettysburg...

Code Blue: The Need for Conscience Legislation in Canada

What would you do if the company you work for suddenly decided that you should participate in acts that are diametrically against your conscience? It's a...


The moment had a surreal quality to it. It happened at Phoenix airport back in March. In transit on my way back to the Washington, D.C., area, I decided to...

The Cost of Freedom

Ask the question again of the remnants of that same Second Ranger Battalion, now reinforced and assigned to Hill 400 in eastern France, late in November....

The Lure of School Vouchers

There's nothing like the excitement surrounding the first day of school-it's an American tradition. Across the nation, millions of students enter a new...

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