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Good Idea?

Back before he became president, George W. Bush used to tell us that

A Job, Faith, and Public Funding

After Keith Brooks lost his job as a systems administrator he was forced to apply for welfare. But Brooks wasn

Beware the Wrecking Crew

In 1990 the High Court took a wrecking ball to the free exercise clause. Now it

Original Intent - Editorial

To be sure, there is great security in constitutional interpretation that is based on a close textual analysis. And Justice Scalia has been labeled a...


FBI I am really concerned about religious freedom in America with President George W. Bush

The Unfinished Story

Our predicament now [is] very similar to the conditions of nonconforming Christians in England during the reign of Charles I in the early seventeenth...

Liberty Briefs

Supreme Court Upholds Ban The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a high school valedictorian

Can Executive Order Restrict Liberty?

Some have the opinion that the War and Emergency Powers Act is an extra constitutional decree that enables a president to bypass Congress when needed, and...

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