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This Happy State

In dealing with pirates and terrorists the newly formed United States of America reaffirmed its nonreligious status. Unlike governments of the past, the American Founders set up a government divorced from religion. The establishment of a secular governme

No Abaya for McSally

When Lt. Col. Martha McSally takes to the skies, she is the embodiment of a modern-day hero: courageous, selfless, and loyal to God and country. She is a patriot who has willingly put her life on the line to protect American interests abroad-a perfect ex


Monday, July 16, 2001 12:00 noon: I'm at the U.S. Capitol to sit in on a press briefing in room H-157. Usually I take the Metro from our...

Your Other Right

in problem with becoming a lawyer is not lawyer jokes; it is going to law school. I remember my fears. Most college seniors who wanted to get into my school were rejected. Those who got in nursed the general suspicion that they might not be as smart as th

School Vouchers and School Equity

Economist Milton Friedman claims school vouchers, by stirring market competition, will create more efficient schools. Whether or not he's right, there's every reason to think vouchers will produce more equity in public education.


Observation on Editorials Your editorials (aside from their lengthiness) reveal your observation and effort to write them. You are a fit...

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