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Liberty Celebrated on Capitol Hill

The United States Senate caucus room is the sort of marble-floored, wood-paneled location one associates with events of great moment. Indeed, it was from this room that John F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the presidency; it was in this room that t

Stand Fast

The United States of America has long been a marvel in the eyes of the world for its successful experiment in religious liberty. The First Amendment has often been copied but seldom implemented as successfully as in this new world. While Americans take pr


I guess I live in a protected environment. It's called middle-class America. It's a good place to live—I'm not complaining! But little from the outside world touches us here. We express our opinions, we work, we live our lives, and we watch the rest


Protesting the Protesters As a Seventh-day Adventist reader of Liberty I have to say that I respectfully disagree with the logic behind statements...

Editorial - Body and Spirit

Way back in the wobbly days before the operation to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein I read a rather confident essay by a nationally syndicated columnist: a...

How Religious was my Tax Exemption

Three Angels Broadcasting Network is the realized dream of Danny Shelton and his wife, Linda. Today 3ABN, as it is known, is a 24-hour Christian television/satellite and radio network that began in 1984 when Danny was impressed to build a religious telev

The Reshaping of America…Theocratic Dreams

Last July at a gathering organized by the Center for Christian Statesmanship, House majority whip Tom DeLay (now House majority leader) declared, "I know there are some people that are worried about the faith-based initiative that the president supports.

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