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I Walk the Line

William Wilberforce's legacy was possible for two reasons. First, he was a committed Christian. Second, he was also a member of the British Parliament. Because of the first, he had a burning passion against the institution of slavery. Because of the secon

Dealing With Babylon

In the days of the early church they looked at the government—they looked at the dominant societal system, the dominant political economic system, and had a name for it. They called it Babylon. You say, "Are you suggesting that the United States is

The Power of the Pulpit

In the summer of 1954 Senator Lyndon B. Johnson had a problem: what to do about powerful anti-Communist organizations that threatened his Senate reelection. The answer proved amazingly simple.

In Search of a Christian Nation

leaders have been pressing public claims that the United States has been a Christian nation since its beginning. Their argument is that the Founders of the nation were Christians, and that they wrote their Christianity into the Constitution and intended f

Political, not Religious

During Jefferson's eight-year term in office, and in the ensuing eight-year tenure of James Madison, religion and the churches managed not only to survive but even to multiply on a grand scale. Neither president worried about the growth of religion, but o

Faith And Social Justice

Separation of church and state means a lot of things. But it does not mean that the faithful have no voice in the public square. It certainly does not relieve believers from urging government to act with wisdom, justice, and righteousness. And it clearly

A Chaplain to the Senate

A conversation between Senate Chaplain Barry Black and Liberty editor Lincoln Steed.

To Honor and Defend

Close to 200 people attended the annual Religious Liberty Awards Banquet sponsored by Liberty magazine and the International Religious Liberty...

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