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Should the State Propagate Religion?

Some people think that it is perfectly proper and wise to have the state support and propagate religion, if it is a good religion. But we believe that if it is a good religion, it is capable of propagating itself and needs no support from the state. If i

First Amendment Religious Liberty Guarantees Neutrality, Not Hostility

Benjamin Gitlow's 1925 day before the United States Supreme Court opened the door to vigorous legal disputes testing First Amendment religious liberty guarantees in all jurisdictions. Hardly a church-state activist, Gitlow, an avowed anarchist, unleashed

Never Hostile to Religion

The strict purpose of the establishment clause of the First Amendment was never to require a strict neutrality between religion and nonreligion. It was designed to prohibit Congress from establishing a national church, from designating a particular faith

Mutual Back-Scratching

KSKY Radio is an effective traffic-coping aid for Sunday-morning churchgoers in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area. One might absentmindedly flip it on en route to church and enjoy a little preworship sermon with Charles Stanley's In Touch or Adrian Roger

Marcus Aurelius, Enlightened Persecutor

Few emperors of Rome possessed the learning and refinement of Marcus Aurelius. Power and pomp meant little to him; his great passion was for justice. Serving without salary, he supported himself and a host of court retainers from his own abundant riches.

A Pictou is Worth Religious Words - Events in a charming Nova Scotia seaside destination

Pictou, Nova Scotia, is "a charming seaside destination steeped in Scottish culture and history" on the Northumberland Strait-a convenient stop-off point for those taking the ferry to Prince Edward Island. It is a place where one can sit back and enjoy

Critical Mass

There is a surreal aspect to many of the events in our world of late. So many changes. So many alarms and threats. "The old order changeth," but what is to come?

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