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The Costs of Free Speech

According to a recent Supreme Court ruling (Albert Snyder vs. Westboro Baptist Church), the free speech clause might not allow someone to yell "Fire!" in a...

The Emergence of Toleration

Part Four in a Series

Facing Up to the Burqa

There is a new law in France forbidding women wearing full-face veils in public. The media has largely focused on the voices of protest from religious...

The Ninth Annual Religious Liberty Dinner

President Obama's then-nominated and now-confirmed pick for the top religious freedom post, Suzan Johnson Cook, emphasized the continued urgency of the...

An Olive Branch Doctrine

In the midst of an astonishing Twitter and Facebook revolution1 that has unleashed a frantic generational demand for democracy and regime change in many...

Where are the Bridges of Madison?

If you love freedom, do you have a "dog" in the Madison fisticuffs? The answer is "Yes!" But on which side should the thinking civil libertarian be in...

Remembering Shabaz Bhatti

Shahbaz was my friend. He was a brave advocate for religious freedom. He stood up in the face of danger. He was killed.For those of you who aren't familiar...

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