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TV Truth

Last year I was on Pat Robertson's show, and we discussed our basic Christian faith—for instance, separation of church and state. It's contrary to my...

Democracy Wall


Dare and Double Dare

Zombie Religion and the Parading Atheists of Central Pennsylvania

“Do We Not Bleed?”

Religion in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

Pain in Shangri-la

Shangri-la is a mythical land of peace and contentment supposedly found somewhere near Tibet, Nepal, and tiny little Bhutan. Actually Shangri-la is the...

Two Different Worlds

Seventh IRLA World Congress Embodies Paradigm Shift

Startling the Mama Bears

Is Canada Interfering with Religious Education?

Looking to History

Mitt Romney, the Iowa Caucus, and the Mormon Extermination Order of 1838

A Faithful Nation

In August 2008 Rick Santorum gave a speech to students at Ave Maria University, a Catholic institution, in Florida. More than anything, Santorum reminded...

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