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Getting That Old-Time Religion

We should challenge any effort to insert religious compulsion into the matter of statecraft.

Is Religion a Hobby?

Nicholas P. Miller discusses the ongoing saga of Holby Lobby versus "Obamacare."

A Civil Right Tested - Part 2: Title Vll and Beyond

Increased “burden” on employers brings balance to the accommodation regime.

Religion on Trial

It’s not easy being British these days. Only a few years after narrowly avoiding compulsory ID cards, British citizens had a close call waiting to find...

Fuel for Thought

It’s a matter of presuppositions, really. For a theist, right makes might, which explains how America became great. But for an atheist it works the...

Slouching Toward Capernaum

People with strong convictions of any kind often function best when believing themselves under siege. So long as it is believed that contemporary trends...

Respecting Existential Reality

Prince Saud Al Faisal can be an imposing figure. The Saudi foreign minister is a large man with decades of experience dealing with Saudi Arabia’s place...

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