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Judging the Judges

Jury selection in Etowah County, Alabama, begins with an invocation given by a local minister invited to the courtroom by county judge Roy S. Moore, who...

Four Days in Rio

As the plight of persecuted Christians is making world news, the fourth world congress on religious liberty, held last summer in Rio de Janeiro, couldn't...

Wrong Jurisdiction

What is the "original meaning" of the First Amendment's religion clauses? Though in Everson v. Board of Education (1947), the Supreme Court advanced the...

Nothing for Us

Although Christian books are one of publishing's fastest-growing genres, the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently reported the frequent complaint of...

Extended Family Member

Though widely known as the nation's gay mecca, San Francisco is also heavily Catholic, with an estimated 25 percent of its 735,000 residents looking to...

The Repeal of the Religion Clauses

As argued above, the religion clauses amounted to a decision by the national government not to address substantive questions concerning the proper...


An American Muslim approached the counter at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to purchase a one-way ticket to Dulles Airport. The airline refused to...

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