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Principles or Procedure?

Do the religion clauses of the First Amendment say anything meaningful about the respective roles of the church and the state? In "Wrong Jurisdiction"...

On Rights and Restraints

Individual Rights and Structural Restraints The difference between rights and structure within the overall Constitution is commonplace. For government...

The Establishment Clause Assault

The Bell and McCord children were verbally assaulted at the school, not just by students, but by the faculty as well. Upside-down crosses were taped to...

With God All Things Are Possible

Background The controversy involved Capitol Square, a 10-acre site in Columbus, where the Ohio state capitol building, or "statehouse," is located. The...

Iambs And Pentameters

In the first ruling of its kind, a federal judge in Virginia declared that a public library cannot install filters on its computers. Why? Because the...


In 1991 the Willis family moved to Troy, Alabama, from Seattle, Washington. Their youngest child, Rachel Willis, stayed home with Mrs. Willis, while their...

A Secular Nation?

The laws of every society reflect certain moral presuppositions. The law prohibits, allows, or promotes certain behaviors based upon what that society...

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