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Monkey Fever in Kansas

The Kansas State Board of Education recently decided to demphasize the teaching of evolution in the Kansas public schools. This recharged the ongoing...

Under the Watchful Eye: Free Exercise of Religion in the Home?

The U.S. Constitution does indeed afford students the right to pray while at school, so long as it is not state-sponsored or required. Many advocates of...

Holy Days Or Holidays?

Recent developments, however, indicate that some churches might be seeking to protect the observance of their holy days by means of civil legislation, even...

The Case of the Conscientious Policeman

Chris Carter was a state policeman-a very good one. He has a sheaf of commendations, awards, and positive media coverage an inch thick. Obviously, he was...

Trouble in Paradise

The freedom to exercise one's religion is arguably the most precious liberty Americans enjoy. The very first clauses of the Bill of Rights to the United...

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