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When Rights Clash

Rebecca Corneau


WWJD? I just got your magazine and must tell you I agree 100%. I especially like the picture of Al Gore with WWJD. That says it all. I have made the...

Convergence and Conflict

This morning that potential for mischief was realized. There was a terrible almost head-on collision, bent metal, broken bodies, emergency helicopters, and...

The Revolution of 1800

In his first inaugural address President Thomas Jefferson skillfully reflected on the need for Americans to be vigilant in preserving freedom of religious and political expression.

A New Day in Canada

Garry Rohr, director of an organization called Families for Day, is quite open about the fact that it

Cults in the Crossfire

Most people believe they know a cult when they see one. Do you? Can you pick the cult out of the description of the following three religious group? A...

Tolerating the Intolerant

While the presidential campaign moved on, Bob Jones University and its ultra-conservative religious beliefs continued to stick in the craw of certain...

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